What are the Best Prayers?

Let’s find out!

The Dalai Lama talks about prayer as a reminder.  A reminder of what really matters most, and perhaps a reminder about the true nature of reality.

Reading the newspaper the other day, there was an article about Mark Wahlberg, and it mentioned that every day he prays for guidance and strength.

Guidance and strength!

Guidance implies humility.  If you’re asking for guidance, you are humble enough to accept the presence of a Greater Governing Power in the world and in your life, the existence of a Power that knows better than you could know by yourself.  So that’s cool 🙂  Praying for guidance is accepting that you don’t know everything and you’re opening up to the Most High that does know, and guidance asks that you can know like the Most High knows, at least concerning your particular circumstances and path in life.

Strength!  Interestingly, Mark Wahlberg is quite the physically strong dude.  And, as much as I doubt he’s praying for physical strength, I imagine that his prayer for strength does ripple out to influence every area of his life in some way, including his physical body.  Hence, strength!

Strength, complimented with a prayer for guidance, suggests that whatever guidance comes, it will require strength to act upon it.  Here, strength mildly equates to courage.  Without courage and strength, how could we ever act upon Divine Guidance?

Or maybe acting upon Divine Guidance is easy if it guides us in an easy way.  But, then again, one might imagine that Divine Guidance is always guidance that leads to growth, for growth and expansion is somewhat the nature of reality.  Growing to become more like God, you could say.  So the guidance points us to new areas of growth and expansion.

Certainly, you’ve heard of the term, “Growing pains.”  Growing can hurt!  Physical growth hurts, whether its the body growing taller, transforming from a child to an adult, or whether it’s growing stronger, building muscle – growth hurts!  Yet, on some level we understand it’s purpose and believe that it is worth it.  No pain, no gain!  We want gain and growth.  Guidance points us the way, and only with courage, what you can call mental/emotional strength, can we consciously choose the path of growth and press on!

Almost definitely, each one of us knows an area for growth in our lives.  We know a way that we can improve the quality of our lives, perhaps a new habit we could develop, yet we don’t.  Maybe we fear the pain and the change.  Yet, we know that it’s also good for us.  In this case, we’ve got the guidance.  What could really help us is the strength!

Anyway – pray.  Think good thoughts.  Look for good.  Affirm goodness in people.  Affirm the abundance and beauty of creation!

‘Thy Will Be Done’ is always a good prayer 🙂

Relinquish the ego, surrender the small self, and open up the Will of the Most High.

Pray.  Remind yourself what matters most.

Love and Gratitude 🙂


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