Significance vs. Importance

This morning Mother Eagle stopped me from going out the door with Padre because, she told me, “It’s important.”

Turns out, the thing she had to discuss with me that was so “important” was about food, and if we needed any specific things from the grocery.

Notice, her choice of the word “important,” and not “significant.”

Would say that what she had to say was significant?  Or important? Or both?

Significance, i think, and David Hawkins would likely agree, is of a higher strain that importance.  In his book, Power vs. Force, Hawkins suggests that significance aligns with Power, whereas importance aligns with force.

Considering the example above, thoughts of food go with importance and force because they are largely short-term, small self oriented.  Long-term is Power; short-term is force.

Part of the journey in life is more and more surrendering what our ego thinks is important, and instead align with what is truly significant.  Instead of concerning ourselves so much with the short-term, let’s focus more and more on the long-term, maybe even on the eternal-term.

In the context of eternity, is anything that frustrates, annoys, or upsets us really worth any of that trouble or attention?

The more we remember the long-term, the more our problems dissolve.

Instead of problems, we see opportunities.  Instead of temptations, we see gifts.

It’s all a matter of perspective 🙂

Live for what is truly Significant.  The important stuff can wait!  Significance is this Moment, contextualized in the face of Eternity.  What really matters?

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