What’s so Special about the Holiday Season?

What are you attached to?

If you’re like many of us, you might be attached to seeing your family.  This attachment primarily manifests as visiting them during the holidays.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

The thing is, any attachment is enslaving.  Ultimately, the direction we’re moving in as we consciously evolve is towards complete detachment and therefore complete freedom.  Absolute freedom is our goal!

To achieve freedom, we must realize liberation from all the illusions that we may allow to enslave us.

The Holiday Season, as wonderful as it is to celebrate and give gifts and gather together, also offers us the opportunity to become free from perhaps one of our greatest attachments.

The attachment to family can be incredibly destructive, largely depending on how you perceive your family.  And even if you perceive your family very positively and attribute them with qualities of kindness and generosity and unconditional love, the attachment can still be harmful.  At some point, who knows when, people die.  And then where are you left?  If you’re attached, you feel like you lost something and this might cause pain.  If unattached, you’ll still accept that something was lost, but you’ll be at ease with it, living in the Reality of death, not denying the inevitable 🙂

This Holiday Season, i returned to Cincinnati to visit the family. I wouldn’t say i’m free from the attachment.  The great news – this is the moment for freedom!

This is the moment to stop the conforming, to stop the complaining, to stop the projection.  This is the moment to accept complete responsibility for everything about life and the experience of life.  Here and Now!  Accept it.  Own it.  It’s all you.

Liberation or Enslavement are qualities of the mind.  Heaven or Hell exists within you!  You choose.  You decide.

The truth is – there is nothing you have to do.  Everything is conditional upon certain consequences.  Only if you want to keep leaving must you continue to keep breathing.  When you want nothing, there is nothing you must do.  If you are at peace with doing nothing and being no one, you can do that for the rest of your life 🙂

Wu Wei: nothing to do, nowhere to go.  Just be here, now!

Love it.  Live it!  It’s all you.

Every day, take steps towards liberating yourself. What enslaves you?  Write it down!  Write down steps you can take to progressively liberate yourself, more and more.  Be free!


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