How to stop destructive behavior and self-sabotage

You don’t!

Just keeping doing it…


One Day,

Like holding a hot coal,

you have to drop it!

Because it’s just

too hot.

Associate enough pain with something and you’ll do whatever you can to move in the opposite direction of it.

Likewise, associate enough pleasure with something, and you’ll do whatever you can to move towards it.

We are moved by pleasure and pain.

We move away from what brings us pain.  We move towards what brings us pleasure.

I’ve experienced enough pain associated with drinking alcohol and eating meat so that those behavioral decisions are a part of my conscious processing.  When asked if i’d like either of those things, the answer is an effortless no.  No amount of pressure moves me to say yes to either of those choices, just because – for me – the pain is too great.

Similarly, I thoroughly enjoy giving things away, and simplifying material possessions as much as possible, as well as organizing and bringing order to the physical world.  Why?  I experience great pleasure with all of these activities!  I understand these behavioral choices as universally good, and feel that i’m setting a worthy example for everyone when engaged in the sorts of ways.

Above anything else, realize you are powerful.  You are powerful!

You can choose to live whatever type of life you desire.

You can always choose to hang up the phone.  Listen to what you want.  Hang up on the phone on anything that fails to serve you.


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