What’s the Problem? Stop ‘Should’-ing on Yourself and People!

The Problem is…

We do things that we think we shouldn’t be doing.

Notice the language.

Think and shouldn’t.

Let’s use donuts, classic example.

We see free donuts at our place of our work.  Every bit of our education and what we know tells us that we’re better off not eating donuts.  Essentially, we see donuts, and on some level we have the thought, “I shouldn’t eat that.”  The word ‘should’ implies knowing, and knowing is basically omniscience.  In this way, no one is ever really in a situation to truthfully use the word should.  When we say that anyone should do anything, we’re placing ourselves on a pedestal of complete knowledge, suggesting that we know absolutely what is best.

Meanwhile, 2 minutes after we should on ourselves, we go and eat the donut. So now what kind of signal are we sending to the mind/body? Basically, our actions suggests, “I’m eating this, even though i think it’s not good for me.”  Maybe we even think, “I’m eating this, even though i know it’s not good for me.”  Whether we think that we think it’s not good for us or we think that we know it’s not good for us, either way there’s a lack of congruence between our actions and our thoughts and knowledge.  This lack of congruence might causes frustration, anxiety, anger, feelings of shame, guilt, fear, unworthiness, or any other relatively negative emotions.

What’s the antidote to this?  Thankfully, there might be more than one!

For starters, humility.  Humbling ourselves can mean admitting that ultimately, we do not know.  Joyfully proclaim, “I don’t know!” or even, “I know nothing!”  This liberates you from your pseudo-knowledge and incomplete/fallacious dogma.  The word maybe is powerfully.  Truthfully, you can entertain the thought, Maybe this donut is beneficial to me. Who knows?”  Or at least, i can easily entertain that thought, especially after all the alcohol, marijuana, and donuts this body has consumed, and it’s still alive!  Not only is it alive, but i like where it is.  So do i regret consuming all the drugs and donuts?  Absolutely not! It’s all part of the path.  We’re on a never-ending journey, and i think one of the greatest lessons we’re taught over and over again is that we know very little, or even that we know nothing.  And anytime we are thinking or speaking with the language of should we are getting ourselves into trouble.

Secondly, wu wei.  In doing nothing, one accomplishes much.  Think about how many problems are caused by people doing things in the world.  Wouldn’t the world be a lot more peaceful if we all did less?  For example, what if we all slept more, walked more, read more, and ate more slowly?  Simple acts are less harmful on the environment and connect us more with the peace that is within.  Wu wei, as it applies to donuts, means..let it be!  There is action in inaction.  Choose inaction.  Do nothing.  Which means, don’t eat the donut!  Let it be.  Wu wei.  Ultimately, when considering our purpose as human beings, we can imagine our purpose is for the long-term.  Our purpose is for the eternal, the Divine!  What happens in the material world is ever-changing and more or less the Divine Comedy playing around.  Our purpose is greater than the material world.  Our purpose rests in the unseen, the invincible.  Whether or not you eat the donut is of little significance in the cosmic game, yet it is a cosmic event.   So, if you choose to eat the donut, eat it with all the grandeur in the entire cosmos.  Everyone is watching!  And it all adds up to this moment.  Do it with gratitude, do it with joy.  Or, perhaps, better yet, don’t do it with gratitude, and don’t do it with joy.  Give thanks for the abundance, and give thanks for your power to walk in the opposite direction.  Give thanks for your ability to smile at the donut, to admire it, and let it be still, as it is, on the plate.

I read earlier today that sin is estrangement from God.  What is estrangement from God?  It’s forgetting that we’re alive.  It’s forgetting about the awesomeness of life.  It’s unconsciousness.  When does this happen?  When we take life for granted.  Gratitude is a sure way to reconnect with God and the awesomeness of life.  The more we are grateful, the more connected we are, the more automatically our thoughts and actions will move towards greater purity, wholeness, and unity.

Stay connected with your aliveness.  In the Present Moment resides Infinite Possibility and Potential.  There is nothing set in stone.  You can play as grandly as you can imagine.  Bring consciousness to your activities. Bring gratitude.  Bring love.  Bring appreciation. Bring smiles.  Bring an inclination and desire to laugh and generate laughter.  Consciousness.  Act deliberately, with intention.  And let the intention be connected with the long-term, the eternal.  Know that life isn’t so much about the material world as the attitude we carry with us each moment.  More than our external circumstances, what matters are our internal conditions.  Connect with and cherish the Kingdom Within.  Realize the Great Teacher in everyone.  Maybe see the Divine Light radiating through all creation.

With a single footstep, you can feel all the power you can handle pulsing through the body.  With full awareness in the foot as it touches the ground, feel it fully alive, invigorated with the energy of the entire creation.

There is nothing stopping you but yourself.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Believe and achieve.

Plan accordingly.  Prepare for the Best!

Gratitude keeps you conscious.  Stay conscious 🙂


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