Embrace Hypocrisy

We are all hypocrites!

Thinking back on everything i like to write about, i only write from experience of having failed to apply whatever principles or ideas i’m writing about.  Without having failed and inevitably being a hypocrite at one point or another, there’d be no writing!

An affirmation Brother has been working with recently, from the book The 4 Agreements, is, “I am impeccable with my word!”

Nonetheless, who is actually impeccable with their word?

Who has ever stood on a pedestal proclaiming ideas they’ve never contradicted?

Like Jesus said, “Let the person who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Being home with the family, I’ve had the fortune of witnessing moments of personal righteousness, and i’ve noticed that these moments come only after previously trespassing against values/principles that i generally advocate for.  For example, i’ve noticed myself get heated, loud, and angry at people for eating animals or even talking about it.  Meanwhile, these personal uprisings have only occurred after consuming an excessive amount of chocolate and candy containing dairy.  Generally, i practice veganism, but of course the days when i’ve had lots of holiday treats around the house, that’s when i’d get outrageous and start judging and condemning people like some sort of righteous person.  And, to be completely open about why it has happened this way, i attribute part of it to the impact dairy and processed sugar have on the mind/body.  I also think it’s partially an ego defense mechanism, that is the ego defends the little ‘righteousness’ it still has in ‘not eating animals’ by attacking all those do.  Meanwhile, on days up until i’ve had only vegan foods, i’ve noticed a calmness and acceptance of people and whatever behavior is occurring.  Only when the hypocritical behavior starts coming out does the ego move to create even more separation and a greater than / less than hierarchy of morality.

Hence, if you think of whomever you consider the ‘most morally perfect’ of your friends or family, my guess is they practice acceptance rather than judgment.  Anyone who is morally superior accepts people rather than judging, because they operate from a higher level, understanding that we’re all just doing the best we can, and we all function with a unique degree of ignorance given our experiences in life.  Only the omniscient can accurately judge, and only the hypocritical thinks it is ‘in the know’ and has the power to adequately judge.  The morally superior understands that it is incapable of judgment.

Ahh, the holidays!

What an amazing time to ride an emotional roller coaster.

As much as there is a certain uniqueness to family gathering together once or twice a year, i think there’s also something to be said for lots of processed sugar and gluten to be a perfect combination for stirring up a pot of trouble.

Alas – so grateful for healing!

By the way, generally antidote for increasing the quality of your life…

increase the quality of the foods you eat!  That means more raw foods, more organic foods, more fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds!

A paradigm shift that can greatly enhance the quality of life for people, and the longevity of people and the planet…start spending money on healthy foods and supplements instead of things!  Who needs more things?  What’d we all like is more vigor!  More energy, more strength, more flexibility and clarity!  Purify the mind and body from the inside out.  Food matters.

Meanwhile, this is the moment!  Enjoy 🙂

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