What Motivates You?

The more I find my purpose for doing any particular connected with a value, for example Peace, the easier that action becomes, and the more fulfilled I feel.

In contrast, the least fulfilling moments are when the purpose generally isn’t clear, however if I was conscious enough to state the purpose it’d probably be something like, “Short-term pleasure, enjoyment, and novelty.”  I find that curiosity and novelty are pretty good excuses to do almost anything, but maybe that’s another story 😉

Who is inspired by short-term purposes?  What we really love is the clear long-term benefit!

How inspiring is it to know that your actions are benefiting all of humanity, setting a worthy example for all to follow, and are contributing to greater health, happiness, and holiness of mankind?  Exceptional actions fall into this category, and in some ways they are the easiest to perform because the motivation is so pure…for the good of all!

Whenever we can slow down enough to bring enough consciousness to our activity to ask, “What is my purpose?” i think we’ll generally find our behavior elevated.  Even if the answer is “short-term pleasure and enjoyment,” the ego can only tolerate that answer so long before it lifts itself up to higher motivations and long-term vision.

Now I’m asking, “What is my purpose for writing this?”  And what comes to mind is sharing something valuable that can help wake people up to a more enjoyable experience of life and to greater contribution to humanity.

That being said, I think some of the most significant activities we do each day are ones that we currently consider beneficial for everyone, and we think everyone would benefit from engaging in them every day.  Not to say we think we’re dogmatically correct about anything.  Living in a way that we believe is universal brings Peace.  For me, one example is walking 10,000 steps a day, around 4 or 5 miles.  This is an activity that i think every human being is worthy of and i think it benefits anyone who does it.  10,000 steps for happiness!  Does this mean I necessarily walk 10,000 steps every day? No…but it’s something i like to do and want to do it more and more 🙂

In many ways, this is the day.  This day is all we know for certain.  So embracing John Wooden’s wisdom, “Make each day your masterpiece,” can take us a long way.  I think one of the purest motivations and easiest ways of living is striving to set a good example, worthy of emulation.  Therefore, make the day your masterpiece!  For me, currently, a masterpiece of a day looks like meditation for 30 minutes, hatha yoga for 60 minutes,  laughing for at least 5 minutes, reading for 30 minutes, writing/flow state for 30 minutes or more, listening, practicing mindful, healthy raw vegan foods, walking 10,00 steps, reflecting on the day, expressing an abundance of gratitude, hugging a tree, and appreciating nature.  If i do all those things in a day, that’s an awesome day!  And in between all those activities, service-orientation.  That is, thinking and answering, “How can i serve this present moment?  What’s the most i can do?”  When we decide to give of ourselves, we are free.  Only when we try to take do we encounter resist.

For liberation, give!  And live an exemplary life as best you can.  Step by step.  Moment to moment.  Go slowly.  This is the Moment.

Thank you!



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