Why Are You Here?

Spending time to consider the answer to, “Why are you here?” can help reconnect you with your values, goals, and what matters most, to you!

Recently returning to the ashram life, i found myself struck with not knowing exactly why i was here.  What did i return for?

Then i spent time reflecting on all the benefits of this community and some of the great opportunities.  For one, it has a totally amazing library with spiritual books that i don’t know where else i could possibly find them.  There are also an abundance of swamis here who have been on the path for many years and willingly entertain any and all questions.  There’s also offered an abundance of free time in which in can do whatever i’d like: whether it’s practice meditation, hatha, walk, study, write, practice mindfulness, etc. It’s abundant!

Remember the benefits of where you are.  Remember your values.  Center your life around what matters most to you!

Remember why you are here.

Infinite Love 🙂

so grateful!


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