How to deal with annoying people

First of all, realize there is no such thing as an annoying person!  The reality is that a person demonstrates certain behavior which may annoy you, and that same behavior may not annoy someone else.  So then, the real ‘problem,’ if you call it a problem, has to do with your perspective on the person and the behavior.  As the saying goes, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change!”

Recently, i’ve found myself annoyed, if only for a split second, at various people and their behavior.  Like, seeing someone walking with headphones annoyed me.  And sure enough, i focused on it so only a few minutes later ‘i manifested’ another person walking with headphones.  Go figure 🙂

My personal remedy for feeling annoyed by the behavior of certain people – for today – has been to imagine a big stamp on their forehead that says, “GURU.”  Label the person who annoys you a Guru, and surely they are.  Everyone and everything can be a Guru.  A Guru is a teacher that literally removes us from the darkness of our ignorance and shines the light of awareness.  When we find ourselves annoyed,  that’s the Guru offering us a valuable opportunity to learn about ourselves, discover our emotional hot buttons, and resolve any inner-conflict/incongruency so that we can experience greater peace the next time around.

The Guru annoys!

Your attitude towards your entire experience of Reality can be that of a student in a great classroom.  Everything that catches your attention is offering you a message, and everything wants the very best for you, even those things that annoy you and cause pain.  The annoyance and pain offers you a perfect opportunity for growth, expanded awareness and higher consciousness!

When you find yourself annoyed, take note.  Examine it.  Slow down and consider what actually annoys you.  Accept responsibility for the feeling and know there is a lesson to learn and apply to your day-to-day living to allow for great peace and happiness in your life.

Also, back to the headphones example – i felt annoyed because i projected my own values on another person, and judged that person for engaging in behavior that i felt was less than my personal best.  As you can see, there are a lot of problems with the perspective that resulted in the annoyance.  If i remembered the frailty of the human condition and our inherent ignorance, including my own ignorance, no judgment would have occurred.  One of my favorite affirmations is, “I know nothing!” which has brought me great joy and freed me many times from the burdens of judgment and condemning.  Really, as humans, we know much closer to nothing than to everything – so let’s embrace knowing nothing and stop squandering valuable time painting others in a negative light.  I’d rather enjoy creation and learn from experience 🙂

And, when you find yourself, be grateful!  Annoyance helps us become more aware and offers us a golden opportunity to reprogram our subconscious mind with a more empowering, loving, gentle perspective on Reality.

Why judge someone walking with headphones in? Why not assume the best and think they are listening to a Bible podcast?  Or remember that you, too, used to live that way?  “Just like me,” “Who knows,” and “I know nothing,” are all helpful personal statements whenever we find ourselves judging.

Perhaps judgment is the source of much annoyance?  Who knows!

If i know one thing….

Gloria in Excelsus Deo!

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