Prioritize! Love

You can fit large stones, pebbles, and sand all into a jar, given you put the large stones in first, then the pebbles, then the sand.

If, however, you put the sand in first, then the sand might fill up the whole jar and leave no room for pebbles or stones.

Putting in sand first is like waking up in the morning and playing a video game.  Sure, video games might be a 3rd tier priority, but what about more significant activities, like prayer, meditation, gratitude, brushing teeth?  Take care of the large stones and pebbles before filling your day with the sand!

Another way to prioritize is the classic 4 quadrants approach.

The first quadrant is, “What is important and urgent?”

2nd, “What is important but not urgent?”

3rd, “What is not important but urgent?”

4th, “What is not important and not urgent?”

Ideally, we want to be living as much as our lives in the 1st and 2nd quadrants, so that we experience fulfillment in participating in activities that are important.  When we consider what we’re doing as our important, that boosts our self-esteem and self-confidence and gives us Peace of Mind.  When we engage in important activities – we feel great!  And we don’t have to spend thought energy questioning why we aren’t doing something else.

p.s. The Power of Love!

Ah yes, everything can return to Love.  Just like it can all return to Peace 🙂 or, you guessed it, God!

The ultimately quadrant 1 activity that is both important and urgent is Love!  Radiate Love and Peace!  Love your moment.  Caretake for your Present Moment experience.  Appreciate What Is.  Love and Serve.  Give, give, give.  Contribute to the well-being of all!  Live with Lovingness.  That’s Quadrant 1, and Love is also the greatest stone we must always be sure to put into the jar of life first, moment-to-moment.  Choose Love.  Align with Love. Lead with Love.  Love only leads us to the Wonderful 🙂


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

What to Give Up for Supreme Peace?

Tyagat shantir anantaram.

One enlightened being translates this as, “The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace.”  Therefore, he continues “Live only to serve.”

Tyaga, as much as it can translate to dedication, also translates to giving up.

How are dedication and giving up similar, if not equal?

The giving up referred to by Tyaga is not physical objects.  It is giving up attachments.  It is giving up any distractions, but not necessarily physical distractions – rather, mental distractions.  It is giving up anything that leads us to wander from what we value above else.  To truly ‘give up’ in the spiritual sense of tyaga is to renounce everything, including thoughts, that distract us from our Ultimate.

In the same way, what is a life of dedication?  A life of dedication is a life totally integrated, where each moment is focused on realizing some major definite purpose.  Whatever the purpose may be, a life is totally of dedication is totally focused and committed to the chosen cause, no matter what!  A person living a dedicated life lives with a focused mind on the Awesome Goal, all the time.  The dedicated being has given up all distracting thoughts and desires and has cultivated supreme focus on the purpose of their choosing.

The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace!

Whatever goal or purpose you decide is worthy of dedicating your life to, you will enjoy Supreme Peace as you continuously re-dedicate your life, moment-to-moment, to that cause that you consider a worthy one.  As we continuously remind ourselves and re-dedicate, our life becomes fully integrated and focused on this Worthy Ideal we have chosen, and living for realizing a Worthy Ideal brings us Supreme Peace.

Of course, if your worthy ideal is Supreme Peace, then living a dedicated life simply means focusing on Supreme Peace all the time, in which case, the saying, the dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace, makes even more sense.  And then, added on, “Therefore, live only to serve,” makes sense because Supreme Peace certainly manifests when we contribute and add value to the common good.  When we are giving, we have Peace.  On the other hand, if we are acting selfishly, our Peace is disturbed.  Why?  Because, inevitably, selfish actions are tied up in some vice, such as anger, greed, vanity, lust, deceit, etc.  Selfishness only brings pain and suffering in the long run.  Selflessness, on the other hand, and giving, giving, giving, serving, serving, serving – that is a sure way to experience Peace and Goodness 🙂

Significantly, just to re-state, the giving up for Supreme Peace is nothing physical.  It is primarily a mental giving up of thoughts and desires that distract the mind from our worthy.  The giving up is on the mental level, not the physical.  We can still eat all the cake we want.  For Peace, though, what to give up is the thoughts and cravings for cake when cake is not present.  How useless such thoughts are!  Instead, we can allow the mind to dwell on the thoughts of Peace and Love, and whatever happens in the physical world, happens.  If it comes, let it come, if it goes, let it go.  It is as simple as that.

To know God is to be free from all attachments and aversions, such that one can move and be in the physical world in any which way, completely abiding in Infinite Love and Peace regardless of external circumstances.  At least, that’s one attempt in words to capture The Glory 🙂


Love, Peace, Love.


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Give in Order to Receive

What do you want to Receive?

What are you willing to give to Receive what you most truly, deeply, purely want?

What are you willing to give all your leisure time towards?  What are you willing to give up friends and family for?  What are you willing to give up food and shelter for?  What are you willing to give up all of our hobbies for?

Wonderfully, none of these things at all have to be given up to receive what we most desire to Receive.  The thing is, being willing to give up all those things for our Ultimate Desire means we desire it in all earnestness and with full faith and a pure heart.  So, it is surely ours 🙂

God does not delight in human suffering.  Hence,  God does not ask us to give anything up in order to Receive what we most desire.  It’s all a matter of the fixity of our focus.  So we can have all the abundance the world and life has to offer.  We can have our cake and eat it too, yet if we focus on cake while it isn’t present before us, then we’ll likely miss out.  It’s wonderful to eat cake when cake is present, to enjoy it fully, but when it’s not present – focus on that great Desire!  Even when eating the cake, you can contextualize it in the light of your wonderful desire.  Let it all be integrated!

So the point is…we don’t need to deprive ourselves of anything.  Yet, we do want to be totally free from both attachments and aversions.  Free from all craving!  And free from all repulsion!  Neither coveting nor avoiding, simply operating with a fixity of focus on that great desire we wish to Receive in Full.  We live in the Reality of our Desire.  To the one with clear, focused Desire, the Desire alone is Real.  Hence, it’s been said…a good way to know God is to strive to know God Alone 🙂  David R. Hawkins wrote that striving to know God is the ultimate aspiration…and if we keep that aspiration in our consciousness all the time, surely we will realize.

So then, what is it we are giving?  If we don’t have to give up food or shelter or family or friends to Receive our Ultimate Desire, what are we giving?

We are giving attention.  Give all the attention you can muster, as much as you can muster it, in the most bountiful amounts you can muster it, all the time.  The more we focus, the more we communicate to All That Is that this is what we’re all about.  If you focus on donuts all the time, talk about donuts all the time, eat nothing but donuts, everyone knows you as the donut guy.  On the other hand, if you think of God all the time, talk about only God, read about God, and eat with an awareness that the food is a gift from God and you offer it to God, surely you’ll be known as a man or woman of God, or perhaps a Holy Being.

Whatever you want to grow in your life, give your attention to it.  Focus on what you want to experience more of.

Apparently, Rockefeller, the legendary rich one (or i guess there have been many!), used to mutter to himself constantly when he would walk on the sidewalk.  Once, someone asked him what he was muttering under his breath.  He replied: “Money.”  Hence, he manifested lots of money.  And good for him!  He knew what he wanted and focused on it.  And ta-da!  He got it.

It’s so simple it can be frightening.  You mean…to get what I really want..all i have to do is think about it?  Yes!  And the more you think about it, the more you get it.  Think about it all the time, and you’ll get whatever it is in the fullest amount!   Because really, how many of us have the discipline and clarity of desire to focus our minds on one thing, all the time?  Very few!  And the few who do succeed extraordinarily.  Yet, their success is quite ordinary to them, because it makes perfect sense.  If you commit the mind to focus on your ultimate desire and forget all else, you are marshaling a great cosmic power to assist you in your endeavor.  Few things if any are more powerful than a focused mind.

So what are we giving?  Give attention!  Give focus!  Give consciousness and awareness!

Wherever your consciousness dwells, that paints your reality.  If you allow the consciousness to dwell in God, you’ll see God everywhere.  It’s only a matter of consistency and determination.  The stronger the desire, the stronger the motivation, the more rapidly you realize.

Perhaps the most significant word in all of the Yoga Sutras…satkara.  It means full earnestness, or full faith, complete sincerity.  When we think and act firmly grounded in satkara, there are no limitations.

As Earl Nightingale once said, “Nothing can stop a will that is willing to stake even existence for its fulfillment.”

Another way to put it, what do you want so badly that you’re willing to die for it?  Now, how are you going to live for it?

And, this doesn’t mean you have to die for it.  What this death can really mean is the death of all the distractions, all the lesser desires and thoughts and actions that are not as pure and high and awesome as that one great desire burning in the heart.  Let all other desires die but one, and very soon….so soon…


Hallelujah 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

God’s Footprints

Mmm.  Great story.

The basic premise…

Camping on the beach, how do you know a man walked past your tent at night?  By the footprints in the sand!

In the same way, how do we know God?  We see the Footprints in the stars, the sun, the moon, and ultimately in everyone and everything, we can see the Footprints.  Or you might say, we see the stamp of the Creator.  We can see the Divine Breath.


Consider the Postage Stamp

Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there. – Josh Billings

Ah, the power of focus.

Let us decide on one thing and stick to it, no matter what, until we realize it completely.  Until or single is entirely fulfilled, let us waver not!

Blessed to overhear a bit of a conversation the other day, the only words that registered were, “Mastery is knowing where you want to go and never veering off course.”

Imagine that.  To know where you want to go in life and never veer off course.  To know exactly what you want, and never sway!  That kind of focus allows anything and everything manifest.  There is nothing that can stop a one-pointed mind with clear focus and determination to persist – no matter what!

All we ever really need to decide is what it is we want more than anything else – what really matters most to us – and focus on it continuously until we realize it.  And perhaps, even once we realize it, we’ll continue to focus on it, because it is the be all and end all.

The best is when we discover that pure desire, so great and so worthy, that we effortlessly focus on it without even trying.  Wanting something so badly that we forget about everything else – that’s pure gold.

It’s easy to want something.  It’s more challenging to only want one thing, and to want it so badly that you don’t want anything else, and to want it in such a way that all of your thoughts, words and actions are entirely oriented towards it’s fulfillment and realization.  Wouldn’t that be an awesome way to live?  A fully integrated life!  Such that there is no separation between each moment of our lives – every moment is centered in the Purpose you choose – how beautiful!

How can we achieve this?

Reflect!  Know Thyself.  Ask the big questions.  Go deep within.  Find out the true desires, the pure desires.  Find out what moves you.  Consider who you are.  Consider why you are on planet earth.  Determine what matters most to you.

It can be helpful to identify attachments, and then identify a desire that is so strong that you would willingly give up those attachments to realize the fulfillment of the desire.

For example, let’s say you are attached to eating 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.  What is a desire so great that you’d be willing to eat only 2 meals a day, 6 days a week, and then drink only water one day a week?  That’s a big jump to make, but certainly there is something worth it!  At the same time, realizing your desire won’t necessarily require skipping meals or fasting one day a week…it’s just an example 🙂

Really, identifying attachments that cause pain and perhaps ‘hold us back’ from fulfilling our ultimate desire is best.  So if you have a great desire to run a marathon, but also desire to watch 3 hours of television a night, those desires might be incompatible, in which case, shining the light of awareness on each desire is helpful.  Place the desires in context.  Which desire is best for me, for my family and friends, for my country, and for the world?  Which desire will move me in a wonderful direction?  Which desire is best for the body, mind, and soul?  We’ve got to be real with ourselves, and use the power of reason to cut past lame excuses for not making positive changes in our lives.  There are two sides to every coin, so the mind can literally slide its way out of any attempts to ‘reason,’ so successful reasoning only comes when we also employ the heart and seek the truth in all earnestness, with full sincerity.  Otherwise, we might just rationalize, which is often telling ourselves “rational lies.”

Considering aspirations for Higher Consciousness and Awareness, which are more of the mental and spiritual realms than those of the physical plane, what attachments can hold us back from realizing such spiritual goals?

Examples of spiritual goals include: Unconditional Loving Everyone and Anything,  Accepting Everything and practicing non-judgment/not-knowing,  Perceiving All as Perfect / God’s Will, Seeing the Self in All / Living in Unity and Oneness with All That Is, achieving a state of fearlessness,  Seeing that all things work together for good, letting go of all grudges and resentments / unconditionally forgiving, identifying with Infinite Spirit / Light / Love / Peace rather than the body/mind, Enjoying the Fullness of Every Moment, knowing the Highest Truth to the question “What am I?” etc.

Lofty aspirations indeed!  Yet, every single one of us, as human beings, are worthy and capable of realizing all the of the above and more!

The question is, what is holding us back?

What stops us from enjoying every moment?  Maybe wanting things to be different than they are.  Judging other people in a negative light.  Forgetting about the Presence of God  / Love.  Essentially, the Buddha would say – Desires!  Desires cause the suffering.  And a desire is a thought-form that comes from not accepting the moment as perfect.  If we realize Perfection Here and Now, what could we possibly want?  And why don’t we perceive Here and Now as Perfect?  Because the ego holds on to judgments, positionalities, and a sense of good and bad / right and wrong.  The ego lives in a world of duality, which served bodies evolutionarily, but now that same perception of duality that once served us now hinders our spiritual growth and evolution . The more we release illusions of duality and realize there is Only One – God, Love, Peace – the more we evolve, and the more we enjoy 🙂

Enjoy the Fullness of This Moment 🙂


Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


Proverbs 22:29

All work is blessed when we allow God to work through us to reach others.


Allow, allow, allow.

Resist nothing!

Resisting nothing, absolutely nothing, is totally surrendering to God.  When we resist nothing, we allow the Divine to flow through us.  When the Divine flows through us, we are abiding in Truth, which is Love.

With the intention to Love, only goodness follows.  Only blessings follow Love.  “To Love More” can be our simple mission in life.  Each day, Love more.

Let us drop our defenses. Let us drop our barriers, our desires, our attachments, our illusions of separation.  Let us drop all the burdens and all the nonsense!  Drop it, let it go, allow it to be as it is, without judging it, without condemning it.  Just let it be.  Soon, the illusions vanish, for they were never real to begin with.  All that remains is Love.  All that remains is God.

Aware of God, Love reigns Supreme.  Let us let Love reign Supreme!  No need to resist Love.

Ahh, but Love is so pure, it is so selfless, the ego wants to resist Love so badly!  The ego wants to know, “What’s in it for me, me, me?”  All Love cares about is, “What can I give?  How can I serve? What’s the most I can do to benefit everyone and everything?”  Love orients itself towards the Whole.  Love loses itself in itself.  When Love reigns, the impermanent is forgotten.  In Love, form matters not.  Love simply loves, regardless of form.  Regardless of circumstances, Love loves.  Always.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!