Nothing in the Physical World Matters so Much.

As a great teacher shared today…

“Who cares if you can sit like a statue?  Anyone can do that!  The question is, how do you close the car door?  What’s your trash can look like?”

And to expand…How do you treat your neighbor?

It’s not what anybody does physically in the material world that matters.  It’s not the what, but the How.  The How is ultimately what matters.  Because the How transcends.  The How is lasting.  The things that exist in the material world will ultimately turn to dust.  As the Bible says, “You are dust and to dust you shall return.”  Physicality means so little.  What really matters is the intangible, the essence and intention behind whatever it is we find ourselves doing in this world filled with stuff.

As an example, it’s not what you eat, but how you eat.  Even if you eat all the supposedly healthiest foods in the world, like only kale and broccoli and spirulina or whatever green goodness is out there…even if you eat only ‘the healthiest foods,’ – and “perfect the what,” – none of that will matter the how in which you eat them isn’t in alignment with something holy.  You can eat all the healthiest foods this wonderful planet has to offer, but if you eat them with fear or anger or lust or greed in your heart, what good is it?  On a literal level, the food will not digest as well nor will you even enjoy it…so what’s the point?

It’s not about what we do, but how we do it.  As Gandhi encouraged some people cleaning toilets, “Do it with joy or not at all!”

The way to work towards realizing Peace on Earth is by doing whatever you do in a peaceful way, right here and right now.  Whatever you do, do it with love in your heart, do it with joy, do it with peace.  As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “We can only reach peaceful ends by peaceful means.”

For whatever ends we desire, the change starts with us. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  If you want to see a more peaceful world, start by experiencing more peace on day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis.  And – hint, hint – lots of peace may arise when you stop caring so much about the physical things in the world, but start caring more about the essence and source from all things emerge – that is, the Divine.  Attachments and cravings for physical things cause us pain, because those attachments are based on illusion.  Part of us knows that whatever physical thing we crave or desire will turn to dust anyway and is totally impermanent.  Perhaps it’s better for us to crave something like Love, something like Peace, and ultimately the Bible says, “Ask and you shall receive.”  The best things in life are free and are accessible to us at all times in places, just like God – omnipresent. Present Everywhere!  If we have the courage to ask for Peace, and are willing to surrender all of the illusion that keeps us from realizing Peace in this very moment, then we’ve got it.  Ask and you shall receive! Ask for Peace and you shall receive Peace – regardless of whatever the external world says about it.  Even if your house is burning down. you can experience Peace.  One of the great gifts of birth is that we have that power – to realize Peace Within.  The Kingdom is Within!

What we really want most is intangible, and – Praise the Lord!!! – we have access to all the intangible wonderful abundances the entire Creation has to offer.  Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Serenity, Tranquility, Oneness, Freedom – you name it – you’ve got it.

Hence…for those interested in Enlightenment…you might have heard it referred to as Self-Realization, not Self-Acquisition.  There’s nothing for us to acquire.  It’s simply a matter of realizing what we always have with us in each and every holy instant.

Hallelujah 🙂


Gloria in Excelsis!  Deo!


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