Imagine walking a Path, then you see Thorns.

What thorns do you see?

What do they represent for you?

Are these recurring thorns in your life, thorns you seem to come across again and again?

These thorns represent the obstacles that keep us from realizing God, from realizing Infinite Love and Supreme Peace.

These thorns, ultimately, are quite easily removed.  All we do is bend down and pluck them up, one at a time.  Or, even just walk around them, to the Light 🙂


You might imagine the thorns are all the obstacles between us and the highest realization of God and Truth.  And, on a simpler level, thorns can be anything that might disturb your peace.

What things in the world disturb your peace?  Or, for many of us, perhaps a valid question is what types of people annoy us, or what behaviors really push our buttons?  What don’t we like about ourselves that we’d really like to just pluck up and rid ourselves of forever?

Whatever the answer, the thorns can be removed instantly, for ultimately they are an illusion.

After all, the universe is divinely created!  Created by God, who are we to perceive any ‘wrong’ or ‘negative’?  What a trick of the mind!

Thorns are that which create waves in the mind.  Anything that disturbs the mind is a thorn to be removed.

For me, the thorns that arise that keep me from realizing Love and God and Goodness…

some of them include…

Thoughts of food!  Ha, food.  How innocent it is, yet the mind and body can tend to paint it as an enemy to realization.  God-willing, quite soon will i perceive it only as a divine gift, and only be conscious of it when it is present in front of me, and not when it is in some distant kitchen.  Better to think about Infinite Love than food, me thinks 😉

Thoughts of family!  Biological family, that is.  Ah, hard to not project into the future about being with parents and siblings and cousins for the holidays.  Alas, it may never happen!  Who knows what God has in store.  After all, all plans are plans pending approval.  So why get attached?  Why not simply enjoy fully what is before you, now?  What a waste to spend time dreaming about the future when God is Omnipresent, Everywhere Present, including Here and Now!  The love experienced with biological family is available everywhere, for God is Love and God is everywhere!

And…that’s enough for now 🙂

Infinite Love and Peace!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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