The Solution to any problem is Self-Realization

How many problems, if not all, come from speaking from the illusion of identifying with the human body?

“I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m poor. I’m lonely.  I’m bored. I’m angry.  I’m afraid.  I’m depressed.”

What is hungry?  What is tired?  What is poor?  What is lonely?  What is bored?  What is angry?  What is afraid?  What is depressed?

The body, the body, the body, the body!

Does the soul get hungry? or tired?  or poor?

When we realize who and what we really are, problems vanish, because ultimately we are spiritual beings, infinite beings!  Only when we forget our spiritual identity do we suffer.

Regarding all things physical, remember the ancient truth, “This too shall pass.”

When you’re fully in-tune with your divine identity, do you still experience any problems?

Doesn’t everything in the physical, material, world seem relatively insignificant in contrast to the Reality of our Spiritual Nature?

What once caused us stress and anxiety moves the body to smile and laugh, because it remembers who and what it really is.  Enjoy the passing show!


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