How to Purify

Identify sources of toxicity!

And remember, this purifying process is primarily mental/emotional/spiritual, although physically, clean air, water, and healthy, whole food can help a bit.  As far as physical consumption of food goes, though, the most important thing is attitude, i.e. enjoy it 🙂

Sources of emotional/mental/spiritual toxicity:

–>  Conversations, even overhearing words can poison our quality of life and consciousness.  Thankfully, there is an antidote to any of these poisoners of consciousness.  And, the antidote is free of charge.  It is essentially, prayer.  Also, think positive thoughts.  Express gratitude.  🙂

–>  Friends, family, people in general.  This phenomenon can also be referred to as “social drag.”  Sometimes, people can hold us back from spiritual growth and evolution.  If we cling to people, and really anything we cling to aside from God, any clinging will hold us back from the ultimate realization.  Letting go of personal relationships can also be the toughest, but sometimes the greatest way for us to express our love for another is let them go, at least for a bit while we build a strong foundation of Love and Peace.

–>  Music.  Listen closely.  You never know what those words might be.  Also, just the quality of the sound can drastically effect us.  That is, better to listen to classical music than hard rock.  In particular, Pachelbel’s Canon in D and Robert Gass’s Alleluia are known to be incredibly powerful and purifying.  Listen with Love 🙂

–>  Anything you read!  Newspapers, magazines, books, etc.  Consume consciously.  Educate the mind with care.  Feed it spiritual scriptures.  Feed it inspirational material.  Learn about the great saints and sages and Teachers.  Or just…let go of reading GQ, Cosmopolitan, 50 Shades of Grey, etc.  Letting go of reading material can be tough, too.  Just know that you are worth it!  You are so worth it, and worthy of All of It 🙂

–>  Anything you watch!  TV is murky waters.  Rare are the programs that genuinely uplift us.  Apparently, Oprah’s show is very powerful and uplifting, so maybe try that out.  Generally speaking, perhaps the best thing to do with a TV is turn it off.  As far as movies go, also, just be aware.  Better to watch a movie about Gandhi or Jesus or Buddha than one about Hitler.  Although, education is nice.  Yet, enlightenment is a bit more beneficial to humanity, Thyself included 😉

–>  Your thoughts on a moment-to-moment basis!  Best to discern some thoughts that you really love to think about, that you could also imagine the benefits that all humanity would reap from thinking similar thoughts.  Choosing dominant loving thoughts is one of the greatest acts of surrender and a fantastic step towards relinquishing the ego.  You can just think, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” more often and more often.  That will serve everyone so well! Or “Buddha, Buddha, Buddha.”  Or “Love, Love, Love.”  “Love, Peace, Love, Peace,” can be the rhythm you walk to.  Walk to a loving thought.  Chew to a loving thought.  Look at people and all forms of life with a loving thought.  Let the loving thought be automatic!

Perhaps the simplest and best way to purify your life…Keep Holy Company!

And if we might not know too many holy people personally, you can always read holy books and imagine yourself conversing with holy people.  All Holy people are here to help you along the journey, always and forever 🙂


Victory to Thee!  Hallelujah 🙂

Love, Peace, Love, Peace, Peace, Love.


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