Whoa! Purgatory? This is serious stuff!

Alas, remember, Fun with a capital F!  Learn with a capital L!  Knowledge with a capital K!  We are here to have Fun, to Learn, and to abide in Real Knowledge.  The way to have Fun with a capital F is in the context of the holy, the divine, God!  Learning is about becoming more aware of Divine Reality, and Knowledge is that which tunes our awareness to the Holy Presence.

Let’s talk practicality!

How do we go about this process of Learning/Purifying in this realm?

What’s best for the soul?

Silence. Stillness.  Service.  Health. Happiness.  Or “Ssshh…”

But what’s that mean?

As much as this journey is about what’s beyond the physical world, much benefit can arise by simplifying and purifying our physical environments.  Whatever thoughts we expose ourselves to, whether its via friends, newspaper, television, movies, advertisements, music, etc.  – any and all thoughts are forever stored in the database of consciousness, and they can affect the destiny of our souls positively or negatively.   So, best for us all to become more conscious of what sources of thoughts we allow into our lives – or as the CEO of Habitat for Humanity asked, “Who do you let influence you?”  There are lots of ideas out there that aren’t necessarily for healthy for the purifying and flourishing of our souls.  Choose wisely!  Choose consciously, with love and compassion.  This can even mean letting go of friends, letting go of favorite musical artists or even family members.  We don’t want anything toxic in our lives! So if we’re aware of influences in our lives that are constantly negative or worrying or angry and fearful or prideful, it might be best for all of us to eliminate that influence, at least temporarily.  As we continue we to evolve, we all can reach a level where we are tuned into the Divinity in everyone and everything, at which point we identify and purely realize the Divine Nature and Presence in a conversation about eating hot dogs after a roller coaster ride.  Silly right?  Not necessarily good or bad, but from some level – it’s all Divine.  And we can all reach that level of Awareness, God Willing 🙂  Remember – it’s all by Grace!  No need for any one of us to take credit for anything.  We can always offer up all the glory to the Lord, and that frees us from the burden of praise, and also helps us keep the ego humble!

So, consciously create your environment.  Purify the mind and the thoughts.  What many people consider the practice of meditation, sitting and focusing the mind, is really the practice of concentration, which is nevertheless wonderful!  Concentrating the mind on anything that elevates and uplifts us is great for purifying our stream of thoughts and consciousness.  The more we focus the mind on loving, wholesome, pure and holy thoughts and ideas, the more we will experience that moment-to-moment, and the more we are nourishing the soul.  Rest-assured, if the only thoughts you ever have for the rest of your life are one’s of Love and Peace, Purity and Holiness, the Kingdom of Heaven is yours!  Meanwhile, the next step up is surrender all thoughts entire, surrender everything to the Lord – and from there, well who really knows…read the works of an enlightened sage for information there 😉

Simply stated – purify the thoughts.  Purifying the thoughts will inevitably, over time, purify words, behaviors, actions, habits, and all the rest!  Purifying the thoughts will purify your entire life and reality, and then soon you may start abiding in Divine Reality.  Think good thoughts!  Think Holy Thoughts!

And as much as the process of purifying the thoughts and purifying the mind and consciousness is a process of thinking good thoughts and eliminating negative influences, also remember to bring in positive influences!  Read and learn about the works of Gandhi, St. Francis, Mother Teresa, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna, Zoroaster.  Study Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj.  Study Suzuki and Dogen.  Study Satchidananda and Sivananda. Study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Get yourself on a spiritual path!  Engross the mind in enlightening teachings.  The works of David. R. Hawkins are a personal favorite, beginning with Power vs. Force.  If nothing else, read the Sermon on the Mount, in the Bible, book of Matthew chapters 5-7.  Very simply, pure, complete and to the point.  Also, consider likhit japa, the process of writing out a mantra or phrase over and over again – a great way to purify.  Write, “I choose Love,” or even “I am Love,” 100 times a day. See what happens.  God is worth it.  Heaven is worth it. Salvation is worth it.  Enlightenment is worth it.  Develop a relationship, either physical or through books or through prayer, with an Enlightened Master.  Pray to Jesus or Buddha or anyone who inspires and uplifts you.  It is all worth it!  And you are worth it.  And you are worthy of all of it and so much more than you can possibly imagine 🙂


Love, Love, Love, Love, Love.  Peace. Love 🙂

2 thoughts on “Whoa! Purgatory? This is serious stuff!

  1. You are very wise! You are only missing one thing: recognize that Jesus is the Verb Incarnate, ie, He is God. And therefore infinitely above all Buddhas, Mother Teresas, Muhammads, Gandhis, St Francis, Zoroasters and What-Have-You. Then you will have closed the circle of wisdom.

    • Hallelujah 🙂 So nice to see a reply from you friend!

      Something you might find interesting from David R. Hawkins…he says that Buddha and Jesus are on an equal level as far as consciousness goes, level 1000 on his scale. However, additionally he says that Buddha achieved Enlightenment and had many past births, whereas Jesus came directly from Heaven and had no previous births. Pretty awesome to see him affirm that truth 🙂 He also says Jesus came to teach people unconditional love, because he knew that once people reached the level of unconditional level, the destiny of their souls is safe. Jesus also offers salvation, which basically means entrance to Heaven with Jesus’ loving assistance. Buddha, on the other hand, offers a path to enlightenment, which is a greater attainment than salvation, but i think both results in Heaven in the end. So, to each his own! Either way, Love, Love, Love!

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