Why Are We Here?

Some people say…it’s all for fun.  “If you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong.”

In a way, I say yes to fun!  We are here to have fun.  But let’s call it Fun instead of fun.  Like Happiness instead of happiness, or Joy instead of joy, the capital Fun implies fun in an eternal, infinite way.  Capital Fun is independent of external circumstances, and it is Fun that results from an awareness of God and the Perfection of Creation.  When we are aware of God and the Infinite Goodness of All That Is, then we experience delight in each moment, even if externally the physical body might not be smiling or laughing or singing and dancing, still, a wonderful feeling of Fun is felt.

How do we experience this Fun?

Well, this goes to what i thought would be the original answer to the question, “Why are we here?”

It is comforting to think of earth as a school.  It is a place where our souls come to learn so that they can grow, expand, and evolve closer and closer to God and an eternal awareness of the Ultimate, thus living in perfect harmony and union with It.

So, we are here to learn.  But not just learn about anything, we are here to Learn.

What type of learning is Learning?

Learning, capital L, is a matter of awareness. Learning is not about book knowledge or accumulating experience, but it is more like unlearning, a matter of undoing whatever clutters our awareness and distracts us from realizing Infinite Love in the Reality that is Here and Now, Always & Forever.  Thinking of Learning as unlearning.  Only when we forget all the ‘stuff’ that we think we ‘know’ do we then begin to live in Divine Reality.  When we value what we learned in school as real learning, that’s when we get caught up in labels, opinions, positionalities, and judgments, all of which create separation and pain.  Who wants separation or pain?  Not i!  To realize Infinite Love, we are to let go of all that separates us from one another, including all of our illusions of knowing this or that. Capital K Knowing is about Knowing the Divinity Present in All Reality, and Knowing the falsehood and illusory nature behind labels, opinions, positionalities, and judgments.  “Judgment is Mine,” Sayeth the Lord.  Who are we to judge?  “Judge not lest ye be not judged.”  Similarly, “Let who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Better to let go of our judgments and egoic desires to present ‘ourselves’ as superior to others and paint others in the light of inferiority.  After all, “Whatsoever you’ve done unto the least, you’ve done unto Me.”  Everything we put out comes back to us – it is the law of the Cosmic Boomerang.  That’s why it is beneficial to think loving thoughts of everyone and to wish the best for everyone!  Look for the good in others, see the good in others!  And soon you’ll realize that Real Goodness is all there is.  Negativity is part of the illusion of the ego, which helped us back in the days of caveman survival, but now just create pain, anxiety, frustration, and the list goes on.

If Learning is really about becoming aware of God, and is therefore more like unlearning, you could also call Learning the process of Purifying.  We are here to purify consciousness so that consciousness is more aware of the Sacredness and Holiness Always Present, and perhaps less aware of silly nonsense that is fleeting and impermanent, like anything in the physical world.  Instead of thinking about food and shelter and family and friends, what if we were only to be in touch with the Eternal Essence behind all those things, that which is Infinite Love and Peace?  Ahh, a Wonderful Life!  An Eternal Life, too 🙂

So Learn – Purify!

If we are here to Learn and Purify, what does that make this place?  Well…you might call it a bit of a purgatorial realm.  And at first, when i read of that idea, it freaked me out.  I was like, “Ahhh!!!”  But then you think about it, and perhaps you reflect on some peak experiences in your life, some of the greatest moments of happiness and joy and love and connection and serenity and peace and all that goodness, and you realize how much wonderful is available to us in this realm.  And then you can imagine, the next stage of the game is simply to experience more of that, more often, and eventually all the time, and even beyond time, in an Eternal, Divine, Pure Love and Consciousness kind of way 🙂

Miracles!  Human life is an incredible gift.  Let us not squander it.  We are so close!  Each moment is an opportunity for us to let go of attachments, let go of judgments, let go of egoic cravings and desires, let go of whatever separates us from others. Each moment is an opportunity for us to Love more, to radiate more Love, to realize Peace, and to realize the Divine.  The more we choose Love and align with Love and realize the Divine in All, the more we purify the ego and advance along the way towards union with God 🙂  Salvation is the ends of a pure ego.  When the ego is pure, absolutely we are saved!

Beyond Salvation is Enlightenment.  Enlightenment involves more than a completely pure ego, but it actually entails the complete dissolution of the ego.  When we let go of the ego entirely, relinquishing completely the ego and its selfish desire for pleasure and gain, – when we totally surrender everything to God – then that’s when experience what’s referred to as Enlightenment.  Moksha.  Absolute Freedom.  Free from all illusion.  Christ Consciousness. Buddha Nature.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Relax!  Earth being a school is just like earth being a purgatory.  We are here to Learn and Purify so that we realize Infinite Love and Peace that is God more and more fully.  It’s all worth it 🙂  And clearly, based on our own peak experiences of life, we are so close!  It’s just a matter of steady practice, day in a day out, moment-to-moment-to-moment.  Love more and more and more.  Dedicate more and more and more to God.  Surrender more and more to God.  Give more and more.  Cherish more and more.  Look for the Good more and more.  See God more and more.  Rejoice more and more.  This is the process of purifying. Let go more and more!  “Not my will but Thy Will Be Done!”  Love God’s Will.  It is Absolutely Perfect 🙂

Remember, we are spiritual beings!  Identify with the soul.  The human body and planet earth are tools that exist to facilitate the purification of the ego so that the soul may realize it’s union with Divinity.  Seek first the Kingdom of God!  Seek the Eternal, the Long-Term.  Renounce short-term pleasure for long-term gratification.  Rejoice in the Holy Essence in all things.  Judge not.  We are so close!  Purify, purify, purify.  Love, love, love.  Stop judging.  Stop fueling all the illusions of separation.  “There is only One of us here!”

Certainly, care for the body and the mind.  They are gifts.  Meanwhile, start asking, “What’s best for the soul?”  “What would serve to purify the soul and awaken this soul and all souls more fully to God, to Infinite Love and Peace and Beauty, to Perfection and Infinite Goodness?”  Act in alignment with the Highest in you.  Trust the Holiness Within.  Have no fear – the Lord is near!

We are so very, very, close.  Moksha is within our reach.  God is before us.  Salvation and Enlightenment are available to every one of us.

Hot top:  What’s good for the soul?  Silence.  Stillness.  Service.  Health.  Happiness.  You can think of it is as, “Ssshh….”

Ah, Bliss 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis!  Deo!

(Courtesy to the work/play of David R. Hawkins for the ideas of much of what is written above.  Ah, so very grateful for Enlightened Teachers showing the way to us all.  And so very grateful for the entire Creation :-))


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