Health, Food, and Love

Reading many health books, you might find that eating raw foods is the way to go to really purify and detoxify the body.  However, what about purifying the ego and realizing the Soul?

The Soul is intangible, and thus intangible factors go into healing it.  The body is tangible, so tangible things like vitamins and minerals certainly good for it’s healing. But what’s good for the healing and evolution of the Soul?

Love!  Love!  Love!

Love comes from many things, if not every thing.  Certainly, food can be prepared with Love.

David Hawkins writes that planet earth calibrates at about 200, which is essentially neutral like many things in the world.  Physicality / material world / form doesn’t carry an energy with it so much as it is that we determine it’s energy field with our intention.  Like a knife, for example, can be used to hurt someone or prepare vegetables.  The use and intention is what matters.  Similarly, with food, more than its health content, what really matter for the healing of the Soul is the intention of the one who prepared the food.  If the food is prepared with Love and Heart, certainly it can serve the healing of the Soul.  Also, if it is consumed with love and gratitude, that will also aid the healing of the Soul.

Raw food may be scientifically better for optimizing the health of the body, but, because of the factor of intention and Love, it seems like there’s a good chance that often times cooked food can be much better for the healing of the Soul.  David Hawkin’s calibrates cookies made by mom for family at level 520, which is in the realm of Love.  Also, he calibrates Uncle Ben’s Rice and Aunt Jemima’s Pancake Mix in the 300s, a very powerful energy field.  These food calibrate so high because of the intention behind the creators of the food.  Same thing with Quaker Oats.  Love is the key ingredient.

Not to say to never eat raw foods, but really – this just frees from any dogma of ‘knowing’ what is objectively better for ‘us,’ and it largely depends if one is operating from the perspective of healing the body or freeing the Soul.

Let’s just say…say you’re a ‘health nut,’ yet someone comes to you and offers you homemade ice cream that they made especially for you, that ice cream might not be that great for the body, but accepting it and enjoying it might very well work wonders for the Soul!

Love, Love, Love. That’s the key ingredient in Any and All.  Love. 🙂

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