“I’ll do it all for you.”

This is what the Lord says to us and offers us each and every moment of life.

Like Jesus encouraged his followers to cast their burdens upon Him, the Lord is always present and willing to take up whatever cross we bear and make our burden light.  All we have to do is…surrender!!!

Surrender, Surrender, Surrender.

Surrender attachments.  Surrender desires.  Surrender clinging and craving.  Surrender wanting things to be different than the are.  Surrender seeking change.  Surrender seeking gain and pleasure.  Surrender, Surrender, Surrender.  Surrender at great depth to God’s Will and we may all experience profound Peace and Joy.

Let go and let God in.

What positionalities do you still cling to?  What are you holding onto?

What judgments do you hold about yourself or ‘other’ people that perpetuate the illusion of separation, the illusion of good and bad, of superior and inferior?

What hot coals do you continue to pick up, despite them continuing to burn you?

How many more times will you pick them up before you finally decide, “Enough is enough!” and drop them, letting them be, forever?

If not now, when?

We can let go of all our burdens right now.  We can let go of all our labels, judgments, and opinions right now.  We can feel unity right now.

Drop the coal!  Let it be.

The key is, we don’t have to do anything about our problems, about our attachments and judgments and clingings and cravings.  We can simply drop them and let them be.  Let it be. Let it be.  Let it be.

When you drop a burden, there is no one who needs to carry it.  The Lord takes care.

The Lord says to each us, each moment “I’ll do it all for you.”

He also says, “I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

Love has infinite potential and can exist in any infinite variety of forms.

The Lord pervades all, and so much as each and every moment serves our highest good and evolution to greater and greater realization of Love and Higher Consciousness, the Present Moment is our Perfect Teacher.  It is Perfect for us.  Whatever we see in it, there is the Lord, our Perfect Teacher.

And we have the power to choose!  Look for evil and you will find evil.  Look for Love and you will realize only Love.  Beauty abounds when we look for Beauty.

All we ever have to do is focus and tune in.  When we know what we want, it is ours.  With a strong and focused mind, anything is possible.  Want something so badly that you’ll focus all of our mental energy on it, all the time!  That is an assured way of achieving and realizing all you desire 🙂

And, if you desire the Lord, each moment you think of the Lord, and even better feel the Lord’s Presence – boom! – you got it 🙂


Infinite Love, Infinite Peace


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