Pure Desires for Gain and Pleasure

David R. Hawkins writes that the fundamental thing for all of us to surrender is the ego and all it’s selfish desires for gain and pleasures.

To say it again…to surrender all selfish desire for gain and pleasure.

What might those be?  Well, generally any desire that is framed in the context of serving ‘me’ as the small, physical body.

What then, might be pure desires for gain and pleasure?

Those pure desires would be desires for gain and pleasure that benefit all humanity.  An example of such a desire might be one for spiritual knowledge, so that one lives in harmony with the Highest Truth and is equipped with all the valuable information to share with people to uplift and liberate souls.  That is a noble endeavor 🙂

Or, a pure desire for pleasure might be desiring the pleasure one experiences from serving an abundance of beings by helping them realize freedom from attachments or freedom from fear and worry and anger and anxiety.

For example, saying, “I have a strong desire to free as many beings from the illusions of separation that create so much pain and suffering, and in serving the whole do i experience fulfillment which is both gain and pleasure.” 🙂

So, nothing wrong with desiring, just let it be a pure one!  The purer our thoughts and desires, the purer our lives, and the greater happiness we will experience moment-to-moment.

As best you can, become aware of any selfish desires for pleasure and gain and let them go.  Step by step, we can all progressively surrender the ego and it’s selfish desires and realize God and the Peace that Passeth all Understanding.

Love, Love, Love, Peace, Love!


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