Relaxing is holy.


Because if one isn’t relaxed, one is likely in a state of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, craving, etc.

Relaxation results from realizing “Everything’s at least okay.” Perhaps even, “Everything is perfect just the way it is.  Nothing needs to be changed.”

In a relaxed state, you can trust that you’ve tamed the ego quite a bit, and purifying and ultimately relinquishing the ego is one of the primary task for us to accomplish here on this plane.  So, if you feel relaxed, congratulations 🙂  You’re doing wonderful.

It is the ego that perpetuates the illusion that things need to change and be different than how they are now, which then stirs up desires and emotions that move one to action, or perhaps just frustration and anxiety.

When we’re relaxed, it’s like we’re communicating to the ego, “It’s okay to let go.  Stop playing your games. Stop your wanting and needing. Things are good as they are.  Things are wonderful as they are!  Let us enjoy this Moment.”

By all means, feel relaxed.  As the Bible says, “Don’t worry.”  Instead, relax.

Let go.  The past is the past.  The future is imaginary. What’s real is this Present Moment experience and the opportunity you have to relax.  Relax.  Breathe. Smile.

Stillness and Silence are food for the soul.


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