Tapas: Accepting Pain as Purification

Praise the Lord!

Tapas is one of the Yamas of Yoga, kind of like 1 of the 10 commandments.

It does not mean actively seeking pain as a means to purification.

With an attitude of acceptance, love, and gratitude, we courageously look at any pain in our lives as our advocate, offering us a message for spiritual growth and higher consciousness.

Instead of blaming others for our pain or thinking it happened randomly and has no significance for us, we realize there is a meaning in it.  There is purpose in it.  It is perfect for us; it is our friend and ally and greatest teacher of the Present Moment.

So, no need to actively seek pain.  Just know that it can greatly lighten your load if you, with courage and willingness, seek to discern how the pain might be offering you a means for purification.

Embrace your experience as your perfect teacher.  And what a teacher offers more than anything else is Healing and Purification, undoing so that we realize our essential nature, living with awareness of the Soul and of Infinite Love 🙂


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