Tateh Kim: What then?

We have desires and goals.

What do we do once all of our goals are achieved and desires fulfilled?

Set new goals and new desires come naturally, of course.

What then?

Well then the whole process repeats itself!

What then?

Ad infinitium.

What is it you really want to do with your life?  Human life is precious – let us not squander it!


What then?

Perhaps the end of all our wanting is complete contentment and total fulfillment with What Is.

The end of all wanting – Desirelessness.  It’s been said, “Desirelessness is Perfect Bliss.”

It helps to ask, “What then?” to our goals to place our lives in perspective.  If our goals only lead us to sensual pleasure and material accumulation, what then?

What if, instead, our goals led us to greater and greater realization of Love and True Freedom and Service to All Humanity?

Ultimately, how soon can we fulfill all our desires and goals, or better yet surrender them to God, so that our way of being in the world can simply be committed to Loving and Serving the Present Moment, however it presents itself? To Commune With God in Reality 🙂

If you must be involved in worldly affairs, maybe your motto can be, “Save souls!”  Let your work be holy work, the kind of work that is eternally fulfilling.  Guiding all, including oneself, more and more Godward.  To God we go!

The end of all our “What then?”‘s can be as simple as St. Francis’ Prayer, “Make me an instrument of Thy Peace. Let me sow Love.” Or, “Thy Will be Done.”

Love, Peace, Love.


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