The One Word: Give

Why Give and not Love?  They are really one in the same.  Giving is simply a bit more of a tangible word for loving.  Giving is loving, loving is giving.

So Give!

Whenever you receive anything, you can even then think about giving it to another.  Giving is a wonderful way to overcome the selfish desires for gain and pleasure of the ego.

When you receive a gift, the ego’s immediate impulse might be, “Let’s consume!!!”  And then, the Real You can witness and say, “No, no, ego, this is to lovingly share!”  And that is the triumph.  Each time we choose giving over consuming, we are certainly healing, purifying, evolving, and growing in Love and closer to God.

In Giving is Real Freedom.  Our quest is to free ourselves from the go and it’s “I, Me, and Mine’s.”  After all, if your life is full of a bunch of “Mine’s” you’ll blow up.  Replace your Mine’s with Thine’s, that is everything belongs to God, and you’re all set! (This pun courtesy of Swami Satchidananda – Jai!)

Freedom from the ego and its selfish desires…ahhh.  Such is alignment with Love. Align with Giving.  Share with One and All!

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