To be Amazed, just remember the Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Complete Transformation, Liberation, Growing Wings.

How does it happen?

Absolute determinism.

And willingness to surrender everything, even life itself.

Turning to nothing,

All that remains is the Imaginative Power,

Yet that is more than enough

to unleash the Infinite Potential

in the form of a butterfly.


What once was bound is now liberated.

Free to fly.

And all it had to do

was give up everything.

Wanting one thing at the price of everything else,

revealed a miracle to the world.

How badly do you want to fly?

Will you give up everything, even the body?

Will you willingly turn to dust, so that you may freely fly?

Will you enter your cocoon,

that place of deep stillness and silence,

just being there, willing and courageously re-willing over and over again?

Flight!  Freedom!  Flight!  Freedom!

Surrendering everything to Thee!

Strangely enough,

only in complete Surrender

do we realize Absolute Freedom.

When we decide that Love is really, truly, all we want,

then Real, True, Pure and Complete Love is all we get.

And that more than suffices for Eternity 🙂


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