What do we really want?

Eternal Life for everyone!

Rest-assured, eternal life is guaranteed.  And even, the quality of eternal life is guaranteed.  Everyone ultimately realizes the Supreme.  Yet, each of us experiences a different journey to the Supreme.  Significantly, it is the journey that counts!  The destination is guaranteed for all – so really our play is in the journey.

What kind of journey do you want to go on?

The journey to the Supreme is realizing greater and greater Love, which is similar to realizing greater and greater Oneness and Unity.  Realizing the Divine more and more.

Mother Teresa had a simple way of realizing the Divine in her own life.  Her attitude towards people: “Every one of them is Jesus in disguise.”  A living meditation!  Highly practical, too.  Similarly, words of Dogen go something like, “Just see whatever is in front of you as the Buddha.”  That’s it and that’s all.  The Divine is Present, right before your eyes!  Now, just to remain conscious and aware of that, so to practice awareness of the Divinity right in your midst, before your eyes, every single moment-to-moment-to-moment – that’s an ultimate challenge.

We all want to live with enlightened awareness, that is, tuned into the Supreme which is Infinite Love and Peace.  So then, the journey begins in this Present Moment!

How can we all realize greater and great Love in our lives?

Simplify.  Get rid of all the junk.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Clean out the closet!  Simplification helps the mind focus on what truly matters.

Upgrade.  Upgrade the quality of all that you allow into your mind and body: this includes air, food, and water, but more significantly ideas, whether they be from people or television or books or other media.  Create an uplifting environment.  Fill the mind with the words of the saints and sages and Teachers of Enlightenment and Avatars.

Let go.  Let go of selfish desires. Let go of judgments.  Let go of opinions.  Let go of pain and suffering!  Let go of attachments that drag you away from the Divine Presence before you now.  Forget whatever ends you are attached to, focus on the means. We are to achieve peaceful ends by peaceful means!  Embrace radical empathy and infinite flexibility, totally allowing whatever is now to unfold in its complete fullness, without trying to label it this or that or change it in any way.

Purify the thoughts.  Do not allow that mind to get away with even one negative thought.  Replace any negative thought with a positive one.  Think more often of Love and Peace.  Take time each day to sit and think about nothing except Love and Peace or whatever else elevates you, uplifts and inspires you.  Tap the fingers to the beauty of Love and Peace.  Breathe in and out to the effortless flow of Peace and Love.

Go slowly.  Physically, move slowly, or just completely be still.  Stillness and slowness help us get away from the whole idea of being attached to the fruits of our labors or solely focusing on the ends.  Liberation and Realization of Love is about experiencing the Completeness of What Is, Exactly As It Is, Right Here and Right Now, Always and Forever, without anything needing to change or be different.  These words really don’t have to be written or read.  What matters more than the words is the intention and energy behind them.  Even if they are about Peace but come from an anxious space, they will embody and convey the anxiousness.  Let us learn to value the means infinitely more than any illusory ends.  The ends, remember, is always an illusion, except on the ultimate scale, in which case, the holy ends are absolutely guaranteed to us all 🙂  Any ends the mind dreams up, though, is total fantasy.  God only knows.  The small mind cannot know.  So, surrender to God.  Pray, “Thy Will Be Done!”  God’s Will is more than enough for all of us 🙂

Love, Love, Love, Peace, Love.

Go slowly.  Enjoy What Is.  Breathe. Smile. Peace, Peace, Peace.  Infinite Love.  Desireless, because This Is Perfect and Complete. God is Present.


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