The Greatest Service One can Render is Self-Realization

Enlightenment!  That is the ultimate gift any one being can give to humanity.  Yet, at the point, there is no one left to say, “I am enlightened.”  Anyway…

Unconditional Lovingness is also a wonderful gift, as is abiding in a state of Infinite Peace, which is actually the first level of enlightenment according to David R. Hawkins.

And no matter what our aspiration might be…whether it is to know God or to Unconditionally Love Everyone and Everything or Self-Realization/Enlightenment, or even to educate and inspire millions of people or generate $1,000,000 worth of value added to society…no matter what the aspiration – according to Patanjali, the sage author of the Yoga Sutras, “Success can definitely be achieved via sound and continuous practice over an extended period of time, carried out with full devotion and all earnestness.”  

Likewise, Nisardgadatta Maharaj claims that earnestness is the key to success in any endeavor.  Especially when we desire with full earnestness something that is beneficial to all, the universe aligns with us and there is nothing that can stop us.    The key is to desire it with absolute sincerity, in all earnestness!

As Brian Tracy poses a question at the end of one of his great books, Focal Point, the only question we have to ask is, “How badly do you we want it?”  Whatever IT is for you, the only question you have to ask is “How badly do you want it?”

If you desire something in all earnestness, full of Heart and supreme devotion, then you will willingly give up anything that stands in your way.  You will gladly surrender all obstacles!   As Gandhi said his key to success in 3 words: “Renounce and enjoy!”  As soon as we renounce all that stands in our way between what we truly desire, all that’s left to do is enjoy.  Give up all the negative and all the illusion, and enjoy the Positive, which is Truth.

If your goal is Enlightenment, which according to many is the greatest service a human being can render to humanity, then giving up means giving up attachment to the fruits of our labors, giving up thoughts, and then ultimately giving up desires itself.  Nisargadatta Maharaj suggests that on the path to Enlightenment, give up every thought but the thought and feeling of “I am.”  Know that and know that alone, “I am,” and think and feel this as much as possible.  Within 3 years of meeting his Guru and practicing this way, he became enlightened.

And who is this “I am” ?  Well, anything is perceivable is not you.  He encourages seekers to discover all the things they are not, then they will eventually realize their true nature.  For example, one is not the body or the mind, but is the witness to these phenomena.

Anyway…whatever your goal…to achieve it…desire it in all earnestness!  With all your heart and mind and body and soul!  Desire it with everything you’ve got!  Then you’ll have all the energy you could possibly need to achieve it.

Aim High!  Aim High!  Aim High!  The higher you aim, the more energy you’ll receive to fulfill your desires.  God provides all the energy we need to fulfill our desires.  So, if abiding by the principle of “Ask and receive,” Ask for a lot!  Ask for the Ultimate!  And you’ll receive all that you need to realize the Ultimate.  As the saying goes…Dream BIG!

All Earnestness. Complete Sincerity.  In whatever the desire.  Let it be such a wonderful desire that your entire being and essence aligns with it.  That you want it more than anything else!  And that, ultimately, you’re willing to give up everything else for it.  Yes, give it up all up for the One Desire that you know is worth it 🙂  You Choose.

Love, Love, Love, Peace, Love.



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