How much is Enough? Why am I concerned about what others think? Do I really need so much?

Ahh…nothing like questions to stimulate our wonderful minds into constructive thinking and realization!

How easy it is to think we need more and more and more.  Yet how much courage does it take to practice radical self-honesty and admit that we really don’t need anything more at all, and to realize that our Heavenly Father truly provides all we need in abundance.

One of the greatest things that we can let hold ourselves back on the spiritual journey…other people!  Concerning ourselves with individual relationships is ultimately operating from a scarcity mindset.  When we think a one-on-one relationship with another human being is what really matters most in our life, then we are setting ourselves up in an incredible vulnerable scenario. What happens if that person stops liking us, has a change of interest, we stop liking them, or even…they die?  What then?  How attached are we to other people?  And how can our attachment to individuals hold us back from realizing Unconditional Lovingness towards the Whole?  More significant than our relationship with any one individual is our relationship with the Whole, you might even say our relationship with the Present Moment.  Perfect Love is beyond discrimination and separation!  Perfect Love embraces the Wholeness, the Reality, and Perfect Love is awesome spiritual realization.  Perfect Love is something for all of us to aspire towards, and ultimately the aspiration process is really a letting go process – letting go of all the illusions that make us think anything other than the fact that our True Self, our Real Identity, is Perfect Love 🙂

When we choose Love and align with Love, what does it matter what others think?  Loving is the most we can do in any moment.  As the book title goes, “All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough!”  Love is all we can ever do.  Love is the ultimate for us to do and ultimately be.

When we have Love, which we always do, and when we realize that Love is our essence, what more could we possibly need?  Cravings, wants, and desires stem from the illusion that Love and Happiness are outside of us, that they are something beyond us that we must seek externally.  Really though, Love and Happiness are simple choices.  They are glasses we can put on each moment, and when we put on the glasses of Love, we see the whole world in the Light of Love. And, when we are seeing in the Light of Love, what could we really need?  When seeing in the Light of Love, the only desires that could arise would be to share the Love with all, and maybe give our Love glasses to another, so that they too might realize this Supreme Delight and Goodness, which is Love, which is always with us.

When we realize we always have Love with us, that in fact we are Love, what else could we possibly need?

Hallelujah 🙂

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Love, Peace, Love.


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

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