Proverbs 22:29

All work is blessed when we allow God to work through us to reach others.


Allow, allow, allow.

Resist nothing!

Resisting nothing, absolutely nothing, is totally surrendering to God.  When we resist nothing, we allow the Divine to flow through us.  When the Divine flows through us, we are abiding in Truth, which is Love.

With the intention to Love, only goodness follows.  Only blessings follow Love.  “To Love More” can be our simple mission in life.  Each day, Love more.

Let us drop our defenses. Let us drop our barriers, our desires, our attachments, our illusions of separation.  Let us drop all the burdens and all the nonsense!  Drop it, let it go, allow it to be as it is, without judging it, without condemning it.  Just let it be.  Soon, the illusions vanish, for they were never real to begin with.  All that remains is Love.  All that remains is God.

Aware of God, Love reigns Supreme.  Let us let Love reign Supreme!  No need to resist Love.

Ahh, but Love is so pure, it is so selfless, the ego wants to resist Love so badly!  The ego wants to know, “What’s in it for me, me, me?”  All Love cares about is, “What can I give?  How can I serve? What’s the most I can do to benefit everyone and everything?”  Love orients itself towards the Whole.  Love loses itself in itself.  When Love reigns, the impermanent is forgotten.  In Love, form matters not.  Love simply loves, regardless of form.  Regardless of circumstances, Love loves.  Always.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

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