Realizing Our Limitless Nature

Speaking from personal experience…Praise the Lord 🙂

A challenge i seem to face time and time again is attachments to food dogma.  The mind will think something like, “Only raw foods are the way to go,” or “Only 1 or 2 ingredients at a time,” or “Only fruits in the morning,” and the list goes on and on.  Ultimately, does any of that really matter?

One of my favorite Buddhist teachings from Dogen basically goes, “Don’t concern yourself with food and clothing – leave those things to fate.  Just focus on spreading Buddhism and benefiting all sentient beings.” Boom!  Talk about striking the cord on what actually matters.  Jesus says the same thing in the Sermon on the Mount.  Why worry about food and clothing?  Just look at the birds and the flowers.  Clearly we are all provided for.  Yet our silly mind thinks it has to concern itself with survival.  Meanwhile, if we just live with love and want the best for everyone and everything, of course we’ll be provided for in abundance.

On the spiritual journey, the being that inhabits this body has freed the body from many things.  Basically, it lives very simply, without ever having to use money or even holding onto any money, which is nice, but alas! Thoughts of food still tend to dominate the consciousness from time to time.  Why is that?  The community where this body currently resides provides an abundance of delicious, whole foods, all vegetarian, and so it appears as though food is in abundance and there’s nothing to ‘worry’ about, yet i guess the mind still gets attached to its dogma.

Anyway, the attachment presented is quite possibly one to organic, whole, foods, including fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  Food is super abundant in this Yogaville community.  And yet, because of its great stockpile, there is room for attachment.  Well, there’s always room for attachment 🙂  The attachment to the food here can be so strong that the idea of going out to eat at a restaurant generates aversion.  The question arises, “Why would you go out to eat at a restaurant when the food provided here is prepared with love and is totally healthy and wholesome?”  There isn’t necessarily a good right answer to the question, except when it comes from the context of Love.

In Love, with Love, through Love, by Love, an infinite variety of possibilities present themselves any moment.  Abiding in Love, there are no limits, and Love is infinitely flexible.  Nothing holds Love back.  With Love, there is no aversion.  With Love, there is no attachment.  Love encompasses everything.  Love is without conditions.  Love radiates equally, and Love is equally present.  So, what does Love say to eating at a restaurant or staying at base camp?  Love says, Love!  Ha, like Love cares about such a decision.  Love goes with the flow, and really is the Grace of the Flow, for the flow is effortless.  Love resists nothing.  Love has everything.  Love wants nothing, needs nothing.  Love is complete.  So what does Love say about going out to eat at a restaurant?  It says Love!  Love says, In Joy! With Joy!  Love does not discriminate.  Love does not judge.  Love realizes Divine Equality.

Even, what does Love say about going some place where there might not be food? Love says, Love!  Love has no fears.  Love knows beyond knowing.  Love clings to nothing.  Love is already food.  Love needs no food!  Love sustains Life more than any food.

So, when we realize the ultimate answer is Love! then we discover that whatever happens in the world of form is secondary.  The material world cannot limit Love.  Love has no boundaries! Love is already everywhere, and from the human perspective we can perceive Love as being able to travel anywhere. Nothing holds Love back!  Love is Free, Free, Free, because Love is All-Powerful, and in Love’s Presence, everything else dissolves.  Only Love remains.

Human dogma?  Ha!  If it is Love, it is Love.  If not Love, well, Love will dissolve it soon enough.  With Infinite Compassion, Love flows freely, effortlessly.  Love liberates beyond measure.  Choosing Love, Aligning with Love provides Absolute Freedom and Infinite Flexibility.  In Love, One realizes Invulnerability.  There is nothing Love cannot handle.  Love is.

“Perfect Love casts out all fear.”

I am. I am. I am. Om. Om. Om. So-hum. Om.




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