Give in Order to Receive

What do you want to Receive?

What are you willing to give to Receive what you most truly, deeply, purely want?

What are you willing to give all your leisure time towards?  What are you willing to give up friends and family for?  What are you willing to give up food and shelter for?  What are you willing to give up all of our hobbies for?

Wonderfully, none of these things at all have to be given up to receive what we most desire to Receive.  The thing is, being willing to give up all those things for our Ultimate Desire means we desire it in all earnestness and with full faith and a pure heart.  So, it is surely ours 🙂

God does not delight in human suffering.  Hence,  God does not ask us to give anything up in order to Receive what we most desire.  It’s all a matter of the fixity of our focus.  So we can have all the abundance the world and life has to offer.  We can have our cake and eat it too, yet if we focus on cake while it isn’t present before us, then we’ll likely miss out.  It’s wonderful to eat cake when cake is present, to enjoy it fully, but when it’s not present – focus on that great Desire!  Even when eating the cake, you can contextualize it in the light of your wonderful desire.  Let it all be integrated!

So the point is…we don’t need to deprive ourselves of anything.  Yet, we do want to be totally free from both attachments and aversions.  Free from all craving!  And free from all repulsion!  Neither coveting nor avoiding, simply operating with a fixity of focus on that great desire we wish to Receive in Full.  We live in the Reality of our Desire.  To the one with clear, focused Desire, the Desire alone is Real.  Hence, it’s been said…a good way to know God is to strive to know God Alone 🙂  David R. Hawkins wrote that striving to know God is the ultimate aspiration…and if we keep that aspiration in our consciousness all the time, surely we will realize.

So then, what is it we are giving?  If we don’t have to give up food or shelter or family or friends to Receive our Ultimate Desire, what are we giving?

We are giving attention.  Give all the attention you can muster, as much as you can muster it, in the most bountiful amounts you can muster it, all the time.  The more we focus, the more we communicate to All That Is that this is what we’re all about.  If you focus on donuts all the time, talk about donuts all the time, eat nothing but donuts, everyone knows you as the donut guy.  On the other hand, if you think of God all the time, talk about only God, read about God, and eat with an awareness that the food is a gift from God and you offer it to God, surely you’ll be known as a man or woman of God, or perhaps a Holy Being.

Whatever you want to grow in your life, give your attention to it.  Focus on what you want to experience more of.

Apparently, Rockefeller, the legendary rich one (or i guess there have been many!), used to mutter to himself constantly when he would walk on the sidewalk.  Once, someone asked him what he was muttering under his breath.  He replied: “Money.”  Hence, he manifested lots of money.  And good for him!  He knew what he wanted and focused on it.  And ta-da!  He got it.

It’s so simple it can be frightening.  You mean…to get what I really want..all i have to do is think about it?  Yes!  And the more you think about it, the more you get it.  Think about it all the time, and you’ll get whatever it is in the fullest amount!   Because really, how many of us have the discipline and clarity of desire to focus our minds on one thing, all the time?  Very few!  And the few who do succeed extraordinarily.  Yet, their success is quite ordinary to them, because it makes perfect sense.  If you commit the mind to focus on your ultimate desire and forget all else, you are marshaling a great cosmic power to assist you in your endeavor.  Few things if any are more powerful than a focused mind.

So what are we giving?  Give attention!  Give focus!  Give consciousness and awareness!

Wherever your consciousness dwells, that paints your reality.  If you allow the consciousness to dwell in God, you’ll see God everywhere.  It’s only a matter of consistency and determination.  The stronger the desire, the stronger the motivation, the more rapidly you realize.

Perhaps the most significant word in all of the Yoga Sutras…satkara.  It means full earnestness, or full faith, complete sincerity.  When we think and act firmly grounded in satkara, there are no limitations.

As Earl Nightingale once said, “Nothing can stop a will that is willing to stake even existence for its fulfillment.”

Another way to put it, what do you want so badly that you’re willing to die for it?  Now, how are you going to live for it?

And, this doesn’t mean you have to die for it.  What this death can really mean is the death of all the distractions, all the lesser desires and thoughts and actions that are not as pure and high and awesome as that one great desire burning in the heart.  Let all other desires die but one, and very soon….so soon…


Hallelujah 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

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