Prioritize! Love

You can fit large stones, pebbles, and sand all into a jar, given you put the large stones in first, then the pebbles, then the sand.

If, however, you put the sand in first, then the sand might fill up the whole jar and leave no room for pebbles or stones.

Putting in sand first is like waking up in the morning and playing a video game.  Sure, video games might be a 3rd tier priority, but what about more significant activities, like prayer, meditation, gratitude, brushing teeth?  Take care of the large stones and pebbles before filling your day with the sand!

Another way to prioritize is the classic 4 quadrants approach.

The first quadrant is, “What is important and urgent?”

2nd, “What is important but not urgent?”

3rd, “What is not important but urgent?”

4th, “What is not important and not urgent?”

Ideally, we want to be living as much as our lives in the 1st and 2nd quadrants, so that we experience fulfillment in participating in activities that are important.  When we consider what we’re doing as our important, that boosts our self-esteem and self-confidence and gives us Peace of Mind.  When we engage in important activities – we feel great!  And we don’t have to spend thought energy questioning why we aren’t doing something else.

p.s. The Power of Love!

Ah yes, everything can return to Love.  Just like it can all return to Peace 🙂 or, you guessed it, God!

The ultimately quadrant 1 activity that is both important and urgent is Love!  Radiate Love and Peace!  Love your moment.  Caretake for your Present Moment experience.  Appreciate What Is.  Love and Serve.  Give, give, give.  Contribute to the well-being of all!  Live with Lovingness.  That’s Quadrant 1, and Love is also the greatest stone we must always be sure to put into the jar of life first, moment-to-moment.  Choose Love.  Align with Love. Lead with Love.  Love only leads us to the Wonderful 🙂


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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