What to Give Up for Supreme Peace?

Tyagat shantir anantaram.

One enlightened being translates this as, “The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace.”  Therefore, he continues “Live only to serve.”

Tyaga, as much as it can translate to dedication, also translates to giving up.

How are dedication and giving up similar, if not equal?

The giving up referred to by Tyaga is not physical objects.  It is giving up attachments.  It is giving up any distractions, but not necessarily physical distractions – rather, mental distractions.  It is giving up anything that leads us to wander from what we value above else.  To truly ‘give up’ in the spiritual sense of tyaga is to renounce everything, including thoughts, that distract us from our Ultimate.

In the same way, what is a life of dedication?  A life of dedication is a life totally integrated, where each moment is focused on realizing some major definite purpose.  Whatever the purpose may be, a life is totally of dedication is totally focused and committed to the chosen cause, no matter what!  A person living a dedicated life lives with a focused mind on the Awesome Goal, all the time.  The dedicated being has given up all distracting thoughts and desires and has cultivated supreme focus on the purpose of their choosing.

The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace!

Whatever goal or purpose you decide is worthy of dedicating your life to, you will enjoy Supreme Peace as you continuously re-dedicate your life, moment-to-moment, to that cause that you consider a worthy one.  As we continuously remind ourselves and re-dedicate, our life becomes fully integrated and focused on this Worthy Ideal we have chosen, and living for realizing a Worthy Ideal brings us Supreme Peace.

Of course, if your worthy ideal is Supreme Peace, then living a dedicated life simply means focusing on Supreme Peace all the time, in which case, the saying, the dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace, makes even more sense.  And then, added on, “Therefore, live only to serve,” makes sense because Supreme Peace certainly manifests when we contribute and add value to the common good.  When we are giving, we have Peace.  On the other hand, if we are acting selfishly, our Peace is disturbed.  Why?  Because, inevitably, selfish actions are tied up in some vice, such as anger, greed, vanity, lust, deceit, etc.  Selfishness only brings pain and suffering in the long run.  Selflessness, on the other hand, and giving, giving, giving, serving, serving, serving – that is a sure way to experience Peace and Goodness 🙂

Significantly, just to re-state, the giving up for Supreme Peace is nothing physical.  It is primarily a mental giving up of thoughts and desires that distract the mind from our worthy.  The giving up is on the mental level, not the physical.  We can still eat all the cake we want.  For Peace, though, what to give up is the thoughts and cravings for cake when cake is not present.  How useless such thoughts are!  Instead, we can allow the mind to dwell on the thoughts of Peace and Love, and whatever happens in the physical world, happens.  If it comes, let it come, if it goes, let it go.  It is as simple as that.

To know God is to be free from all attachments and aversions, such that one can move and be in the physical world in any which way, completely abiding in Infinite Love and Peace regardless of external circumstances.  At least, that’s one attempt in words to capture The Glory 🙂


Love, Peace, Love.


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

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