How much is Enough? Why am I concerned about what others think? Do I really need so much?

Ahh…nothing like questions to stimulate our wonderful minds into constructive thinking and realization!

How easy it is to think we need more and more and more.  Yet how much courage does it take to practice radical self-honesty and admit that we really don’t need anything more at all, and to realize that our Heavenly Father truly provides all we need in abundance.

One of the greatest things that we can let hold ourselves back on the spiritual journey…other people!  Concerning ourselves with individual relationships is ultimately operating from a scarcity mindset.  When we think a one-on-one relationship with another human being is what really matters most in our life, then we are setting ourselves up in an incredible vulnerable scenario. What happens if that person stops liking us, has a change of interest, we stop liking them, or even…they die?  What then?  How attached are we to other people?  And how can our attachment to individuals hold us back from realizing Unconditional Lovingness towards the Whole?  More significant than our relationship with any one individual is our relationship with the Whole, you might even say our relationship with the Present Moment.  Perfect Love is beyond discrimination and separation!  Perfect Love embraces the Wholeness, the Reality, and Perfect Love is awesome spiritual realization.  Perfect Love is something for all of us to aspire towards, and ultimately the aspiration process is really a letting go process – letting go of all the illusions that make us think anything other than the fact that our True Self, our Real Identity, is Perfect Love 🙂

When we choose Love and align with Love, what does it matter what others think?  Loving is the most we can do in any moment.  As the book title goes, “All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough!”  Love is all we can ever do.  Love is the ultimate for us to do and ultimately be.

When we have Love, which we always do, and when we realize that Love is our essence, what more could we possibly need?  Cravings, wants, and desires stem from the illusion that Love and Happiness are outside of us, that they are something beyond us that we must seek externally.  Really though, Love and Happiness are simple choices.  They are glasses we can put on each moment, and when we put on the glasses of Love, we see the whole world in the Light of Love. And, when we are seeing in the Light of Love, what could we really need?  When seeing in the Light of Love, the only desires that could arise would be to share the Love with all, and maybe give our Love glasses to another, so that they too might realize this Supreme Delight and Goodness, which is Love, which is always with us.

When we realize we always have Love with us, that in fact we are Love, what else could we possibly need?

Hallelujah 🙂

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Love, Peace, Love.


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Realizing Our Limitless Nature

Speaking from personal experience…Praise the Lord 🙂

A challenge i seem to face time and time again is attachments to food dogma.  The mind will think something like, “Only raw foods are the way to go,” or “Only 1 or 2 ingredients at a time,” or “Only fruits in the morning,” and the list goes on and on.  Ultimately, does any of that really matter?

One of my favorite Buddhist teachings from Dogen basically goes, “Don’t concern yourself with food and clothing – leave those things to fate.  Just focus on spreading Buddhism and benefiting all sentient beings.” Boom!  Talk about striking the cord on what actually matters.  Jesus says the same thing in the Sermon on the Mount.  Why worry about food and clothing?  Just look at the birds and the flowers.  Clearly we are all provided for.  Yet our silly mind thinks it has to concern itself with survival.  Meanwhile, if we just live with love and want the best for everyone and everything, of course we’ll be provided for in abundance.

On the spiritual journey, the being that inhabits this body has freed the body from many things.  Basically, it lives very simply, without ever having to use money or even holding onto any money, which is nice, but alas! Thoughts of food still tend to dominate the consciousness from time to time.  Why is that?  The community where this body currently resides provides an abundance of delicious, whole foods, all vegetarian, and so it appears as though food is in abundance and there’s nothing to ‘worry’ about, yet i guess the mind still gets attached to its dogma.

Anyway, the attachment presented is quite possibly one to organic, whole, foods, including fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  Food is super abundant in this Yogaville community.  And yet, because of its great stockpile, there is room for attachment.  Well, there’s always room for attachment 🙂  The attachment to the food here can be so strong that the idea of going out to eat at a restaurant generates aversion.  The question arises, “Why would you go out to eat at a restaurant when the food provided here is prepared with love and is totally healthy and wholesome?”  There isn’t necessarily a good right answer to the question, except when it comes from the context of Love.

In Love, with Love, through Love, by Love, an infinite variety of possibilities present themselves any moment.  Abiding in Love, there are no limits, and Love is infinitely flexible.  Nothing holds Love back.  With Love, there is no aversion.  With Love, there is no attachment.  Love encompasses everything.  Love is without conditions.  Love radiates equally, and Love is equally present.  So, what does Love say to eating at a restaurant or staying at base camp?  Love says, Love!  Ha, like Love cares about such a decision.  Love goes with the flow, and really is the Grace of the Flow, for the flow is effortless.  Love resists nothing.  Love has everything.  Love wants nothing, needs nothing.  Love is complete.  So what does Love say about going out to eat at a restaurant?  It says Love!  Love says, In Joy! With Joy!  Love does not discriminate.  Love does not judge.  Love realizes Divine Equality.

Even, what does Love say about going some place where there might not be food? Love says, Love!  Love has no fears.  Love knows beyond knowing.  Love clings to nothing.  Love is already food.  Love needs no food!  Love sustains Life more than any food.

So, when we realize the ultimate answer is Love! then we discover that whatever happens in the world of form is secondary.  The material world cannot limit Love.  Love has no boundaries! Love is already everywhere, and from the human perspective we can perceive Love as being able to travel anywhere. Nothing holds Love back!  Love is Free, Free, Free, because Love is All-Powerful, and in Love’s Presence, everything else dissolves.  Only Love remains.

Human dogma?  Ha!  If it is Love, it is Love.  If not Love, well, Love will dissolve it soon enough.  With Infinite Compassion, Love flows freely, effortlessly.  Love liberates beyond measure.  Choosing Love, Aligning with Love provides Absolute Freedom and Infinite Flexibility.  In Love, One realizes Invulnerability.  There is nothing Love cannot handle.  Love is.

“Perfect Love casts out all fear.”

I am. I am. I am. Om. Om. Om. So-hum. Om.



The Greatest Service One can Render is Self-Realization

Enlightenment!  That is the ultimate gift any one being can give to humanity.  Yet, at the point, there is no one left to say, “I am enlightened.”  Anyway…

Unconditional Lovingness is also a wonderful gift, as is abiding in a state of Infinite Peace, which is actually the first level of enlightenment according to David R. Hawkins.

And no matter what our aspiration might be…whether it is to know God or to Unconditionally Love Everyone and Everything or Self-Realization/Enlightenment, or even to educate and inspire millions of people or generate $1,000,000 worth of value added to society…no matter what the aspiration – according to Patanjali, the sage author of the Yoga Sutras, “Success can definitely be achieved via sound and continuous practice over an extended period of time, carried out with full devotion and all earnestness.”  

Likewise, Nisardgadatta Maharaj claims that earnestness is the key to success in any endeavor.  Especially when we desire with full earnestness something that is beneficial to all, the universe aligns with us and there is nothing that can stop us.    The key is to desire it with absolute sincerity, in all earnestness!

As Brian Tracy poses a question at the end of one of his great books, Focal Point, the only question we have to ask is, “How badly do you we want it?”  Whatever IT is for you, the only question you have to ask is “How badly do you want it?”

If you desire something in all earnestness, full of Heart and supreme devotion, then you will willingly give up anything that stands in your way.  You will gladly surrender all obstacles!   As Gandhi said his key to success in 3 words: “Renounce and enjoy!”  As soon as we renounce all that stands in our way between what we truly desire, all that’s left to do is enjoy.  Give up all the negative and all the illusion, and enjoy the Positive, which is Truth.

If your goal is Enlightenment, which according to many is the greatest service a human being can render to humanity, then giving up means giving up attachment to the fruits of our labors, giving up thoughts, and then ultimately giving up desires itself.  Nisargadatta Maharaj suggests that on the path to Enlightenment, give up every thought but the thought and feeling of “I am.”  Know that and know that alone, “I am,” and think and feel this as much as possible.  Within 3 years of meeting his Guru and practicing this way, he became enlightened.

And who is this “I am” ?  Well, anything is perceivable is not you.  He encourages seekers to discover all the things they are not, then they will eventually realize their true nature.  For example, one is not the body or the mind, but is the witness to these phenomena.

Anyway…whatever your goal…to achieve it…desire it in all earnestness!  With all your heart and mind and body and soul!  Desire it with everything you’ve got!  Then you’ll have all the energy you could possibly need to achieve it.

Aim High!  Aim High!  Aim High!  The higher you aim, the more energy you’ll receive to fulfill your desires.  God provides all the energy we need to fulfill our desires.  So, if abiding by the principle of “Ask and receive,” Ask for a lot!  Ask for the Ultimate!  And you’ll receive all that you need to realize the Ultimate.  As the saying goes…Dream BIG!

All Earnestness. Complete Sincerity.  In whatever the desire.  Let it be such a wonderful desire that your entire being and essence aligns with it.  That you want it more than anything else!  And that, ultimately, you’re willing to give up everything else for it.  Yes, give it up all up for the One Desire that you know is worth it 🙂  You Choose.

Love, Love, Love, Peace, Love.


Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not upon your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.


Who are we to know anything?  We think we understand and we think we know, but how can we really know anything?  The Lord knows.  Recently, i’ve been adopting the habit of answering any questions with either, “God only knows,” or “God-willing…”  Because that’s much closer to the Truth!

2+2=4?  God only knows!

Where are you from? God only knows!

What time is it?  God only knows!

Letting go of our sense of ‘knowing’ is a great way of relinquishing ego and the illusion of separation.  If you ask two people and they give different answers based on their so-called knowledge and life experience, that creates separation between the people.  However, every person has the ability to answer “God only knows,” or “I, of myself, know nothing.”

Simple humility goes a long way.  And humility also opens our hearts and eyes to appreciate the magnificence that is before us.

When we think we know everything…that’s when we are in real trouble.  That’s when we label everything, allowing the mind to determine our experience rather than experiencing directly the purity and wholeness and spontaneity of the moment.  The Moment is always Divine; whether we surrender to that Divinity and allow ourselves to experience the Splendor is another question.  The ego loves to label and judge and position itself; when we let all of that go, we have the bliss of being.

We don’t need to know anything.  All there is to go is let go.  Trust completely.  Have no fear – the Lord is near!  God is good 🙂

Strive for Perfection!

Because, why not?  What else are you going to do with this life?  Keep making excuses for why you perceive yourself as less than perfect and make the same mistakes over and over again?

How quickly any of us would reach higher and higher states if we simply vowed to not make the same mistake twice.  Ah, but how much the ego enjoys its mistakes and takes pleasure in blaming others and seeking selfishly.

Why is it so hard to learn from mistakes?  And to really learn means behavioral change – it means to learn from the mistake in such a way that it never happens again!

What mistakes do you keep making over and over again?  What mental soundtracks are you playing that would be best to let go of?

And also, on the flip side, how do you want to grow spiritually?  Which virtues do you wish to embody and manifest more abundantly?

How would you like to be more virtuous?  What traits would you like to rid yourself of, and what traits would really like to exemplify?

Personally, i’ve noticed this body is inclined towards greediness, so that’s definitely something to work on!  Especially consuming food, ahh it can be so greedy!  Alas, it is getting better at sharing food too!  Also, gratitude!  Can always be more grateful for the abundance 🙂

Stealing, as far as taking without asking goes, is something i could also work on.  And this asking refers to asking of the Soul and God if whatever is going to be had is appropriate.  Also, for example, it’d be awesome to actually ask the belly if it’s hungry before the body puts food into it!  “Hey belly, you want some food?  How’s this apple?  Yes?”  And if it says no, to listen to it!  The body knows much.

So on the positive side, to cultivate…

Truthfulness!  For me, this currently means being very cautious with the word.  For example, if i say, “I’m going to go to the bathroom,” that is already murky waters.  Because, who knows, meteor might strike before this body makes it to the bathroom, or heart attack, or who knows!  The point is, who knows?  God only knows!  So really, the appropriate thing to say would be, “God willing, I’m going to go to the bathroom.”  And then, whatever God wills, God Wills.  And the Truth abides!

Hallelujah 🙂

Love, Love, Love

Courage and Willingness…let us all take a fearless moral inventory, with total self-honesty, and act accordingly.

Peace, Peace, Peace.  Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

To be Amazed, just remember the Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Complete Transformation, Liberation, Growing Wings.

How does it happen?

Absolute determinism.

And willingness to surrender everything, even life itself.

Turning to nothing,

All that remains is the Imaginative Power,

Yet that is more than enough

to unleash the Infinite Potential

in the form of a butterfly.


What once was bound is now liberated.

Free to fly.

And all it had to do

was give up everything.

Wanting one thing at the price of everything else,

revealed a miracle to the world.

How badly do you want to fly?

Will you give up everything, even the body?

Will you willingly turn to dust, so that you may freely fly?

Will you enter your cocoon,

that place of deep stillness and silence,

just being there, willing and courageously re-willing over and over again?

Flight!  Freedom!  Flight!  Freedom!

Surrendering everything to Thee!

Strangely enough,

only in complete Surrender

do we realize Absolute Freedom.

When we decide that Love is really, truly, all we want,

then Real, True, Pure and Complete Love is all we get.

And that more than suffices for Eternity 🙂

Tateh Kim: What then?

We have desires and goals.

What do we do once all of our goals are achieved and desires fulfilled?

Set new goals and new desires come naturally, of course.

What then?

Well then the whole process repeats itself!

What then?

Ad infinitium.

What is it you really want to do with your life?  Human life is precious – let us not squander it!


What then?

Perhaps the end of all our wanting is complete contentment and total fulfillment with What Is.

The end of all wanting – Desirelessness.  It’s been said, “Desirelessness is Perfect Bliss.”

It helps to ask, “What then?” to our goals to place our lives in perspective.  If our goals only lead us to sensual pleasure and material accumulation, what then?

What if, instead, our goals led us to greater and greater realization of Love and True Freedom and Service to All Humanity?

Ultimately, how soon can we fulfill all our desires and goals, or better yet surrender them to God, so that our way of being in the world can simply be committed to Loving and Serving the Present Moment, however it presents itself? To Commune With God in Reality 🙂

If you must be involved in worldly affairs, maybe your motto can be, “Save souls!”  Let your work be holy work, the kind of work that is eternally fulfilling.  Guiding all, including oneself, more and more Godward.  To God we go!

The end of all our “What then?”‘s can be as simple as St. Francis’ Prayer, “Make me an instrument of Thy Peace. Let me sow Love.” Or, “Thy Will be Done.”

Love, Peace, Love.