The Miracle of a Seed

Plant a seed…one tiny little speck of dust practically…just plant a seed and wait.  Water the seed, care for it, give it attention and love, and watch what happens.  Slowly but surely, with daily maintenance, the seed sprouts and begins to grow.  Day by day, bit by bit, the seed continues to reveal its hidden potential and grows onward and upward.  Given enough time and energy, a tiny little seed can yield something as massive and grand as an oak tree.  Who could ever believe such a tiny little seed, once sown and tended to, could return such a grand splendor of Creation?


In the human realm, seeds are thoughts.  Every thought we think is a seed we plant in the fertile soil of our subconscious mind, or you could say we are planting seeds in the collective, universal consciousness.  Either way, every thought counts.  They all add up!

Once we think one thought, the seed of that thought is planted.  Returning to that thought is watering the seed and encouraging its growth, flourishing, and actualization of its potential.

One of the great human tasks is to consciously choose our thoughts, thereby choosing the seeds that we are planting and nourishing and realizing the experience of life we desire.  If we simply let the thoughts go hither and thither without any conscious effort to guide the thoughts towards that which we desire, our experience will be just as dispersed.  The more we focus all the thought energy we can muster, the more focused our lives become.  The more we consciously choose thoughts of what we desire, the more we are honing the laser beam on a single point, giving all of our conscious attention to that point, and the more fully that focus will reveal itself more abundantly in all dimensions of our life.

Simple stated…know what you want and think about it constantly!

Constantly sow the seed of a single affirmation, such as “I am abiding in Peace,” and repeat it over and over again.  Sure enough, Peace will become one of your dominant experiences in Reality.  Not so bad, eh? 😉


Just one tiny little seed…can grow so big.  Focus on what you want!

What do you want to grow in your life?  Plant the seed and water it often!

Hallelujah 🙂

How to Get What You Want

Step 1: Know what you want!

Step 2:  Write it down.  Look at what you wrote often.  At least when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep.  Also consider looking at it before and after mealtimes and before and after any time you meditate.

Step 3:  Feel free to update and change the list of your wants/desires as often as you’d like.  Just be sure to look at it often and carry the list on you!  This action communicates that you are serious in your intention to fulfill these desires of yours.  It is a small and simple yet incredibly powerful action – to carry a list of your major desires and look at it often.

Step 4:  Continue, day by day, to carry the list, update it, and look at it often.  Sure enough ,persistence and patience reap abundant returns.  The list helps you to sow the thoughts that reap what you seek.

Another acronym I’ve heard:


K: Know what you want.

F: Find out what you’re getting.

C:  Change what you’re doing until you get what you want.

As The Sermon on the Mount says,

Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door shall be open.

“It’s as marvelous and as simple as that.”

Who knew life could be so easy?

Yet it requires great courage to look within to discern our true wants and desires.  And as we refer to the list more and more continuously, it might facilitate massive changes in our lifestyle.  Whenever these potential changes emerges, we must call upon even greater courage and willingness to make these changes, for our own greater good and the greater good of all!

What do you want so badly that you’re willing to remind yourself of it 12 times throughout the day?  What do you want to badly that you’re willing to remind yourself of it every hour?  Every 30 minutes?  Every 15 minutes?  When we dig deep within, we will discover those great, burning desires that are more than worthy of arising to the forefront of our consciousness not just every 15 minutes, but even every second – and that’s when we live the fully integrated life, in which is realized Eternal, Perfect, Infinite, Supreme Peace and Love.

Other hot tips for manifesting your desires…

“Understand what you really want and begin to communicate.” Communicate, most significantly, to God and to your Heart of Hearts.  You don’t have to go tell everyone in the world and all your social networks about your desires, but it is helpful to be at total peace with your list of wants and desires.  That way, if someone were to get a hold of your list, you would retain your peace, and perhaps even be happy that another person is looking at your list.

With whatever desires, it’s important that we are at peace with it.  We don’t want to feel ashamed or guilty ore fearful or angry about trying to manifest whatever we desire.  Desire with purity, with an energy of Love and Peace and Joy and Gratitude.  Desire that which is good for all!  Desiring what is good and beneficial to all, even desiring what is best for all, allows you to be at total peace with your desires and with your striving to manifest.  Pure desires facilitate fully integrating your life so that every waking moment of your life is aligned with manifesting your desires which are for the good of all 🙂  A simple way of summarizing this paragraph…Purify, Purify, Purify!

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  Hallelujah!

With whatever you desire, be at total ease with the notion of sharing your desires with people who may be able to help you along the way, yet you don’t have to go proclaiming them on the top of the mountain. Sometimes talking lots about our desires can actually take away energy from them…as if all the talk energy we put into them satisfies our desire to actually experience them more fully.  Kind of like writing this blog post…so maybe it is time to stop and just meditate 🙂

One last thing – perhaps! – with whatever you desire, express gratitude for having already realized it fully.  Be grateful for already having received it!  Moreover, do your best to already experience the fullness of having realized the desire.  Generate that ‘winning feeling’ internally, using the imagination if necessary.  Really feel what it’s like to realize the fulfillment of these great, pure, desires of yours.  This is a great way to meditate.  After all, we are vibrational beings, and these bodies might just act like magnets – so when we realize the feeling internally, we are sending out /communicating that feeling externally, thereby attracting to us like energies that can help us realize the fulfillment of the desire on more than just the plane of our imagination.  So…feel it in the heart!  And surely, be grateful for it!  “Give thanks in all circumstances!”

Gloria in Excelsis Deo 🙂


What is the Great Work of Your Life?

Self-Knowledge and self-mastery!

Knowledge of the True Self, what you might call God Realization, accompanied with mastery over the small self, that is the physical body and mind.

What part about the small self exactly requires/benefits from mastery?  Those sensations and desires that draw us away from remembrance of our True Self / Eternal Relationship with God.

If our consciousness is consumed with thoughts about acquiring material possessions, building relationships with people, eating delicious foods, exercise, listening to music, etc. – any of these material world activities carry with them the potential to draw us away from consciousness of God.    Of course, if we begin with Consciousness of God, then we can engage in any infinite variety of material world activities and experience Perfect Peace and Love all the while.

Mastery over the small self, self-mastery, generally consists of being conscious enough and willing to identify and delay short-term pleasure in exchange for long-term gratification.  Small-self-mastery is essentially acting in alignment with the good of the long-term in mind.  Small-self-mastery is the expression of abstaining from short-term pleasures that result in long-run negative consequences.  One in the consciousness of self-mastery easily says no to activities like drug use and excessive alcohol consumption, overeating, engaging in gossip or frivolous small talk, entertaining negative thoughts and/or judgments, and any forms of selfish consumption, greed, lust, avarice, etc.  The one who is self-mastered not only says no to negative indulgences on the physical plane, but also on the mental and emotional planes as well.  A negative thought can be just as harmful if not more harmful than a supposed negative behavior like drug use.  The one who is self-mastered refuses to make excuses for behavior and refuses to cast blame on others.  The self-mastered accepts full responsibility and realizes the Power is Within to create any change desired.  And, as already mentioned, the self-mastered values the long-term and the good of all above the short-run and the good of only the small self.  The self-mastered acts universally, setting a worthy example for all to follow.  The self-mastered also embraces the power to choose thoughts, and therefore chooses empowering thoughts and attitudes, such as those of lovingness, gratitude, kindness, compassion, gentleness, friendliness, service, generosity, and more.

Supposedly, the greatest human addiction is to sugar.  And, likely more than one Spiritual Teacher has mentioned that a tremendous step to make along the spiritual path is to ‘Tame the tongue.’  When the tongue is tamed, that means one feeds the body only the healthiest food, in the healthiest proportion.  Also, it means one speaks only that which is pleasant and beneficial for all to hear.  Mastery over the tongue is so essential because it is a two-way portal; we put things into the body through the tongue, and it is a vehicle for expression.  So anyway – eat well, speak well 🙂

Then, once we’ve got the small-self-mastery going on, it is much easier for us to realize the True Self, which is Eternal and Infinite and totally awesome and Supreme 🙂

Mastery of the small self and sense cravings and selfish desires is key to realizing the True Self.  If our consciousness is dwelling on wanting material things and experiences, how are we supposed to realize that which is Beyond the Beyond and that which is Pure Love and Peace, independent of all external conditions?]

So then, one step at a time, one sensation at a time, resolve to surrender the short-term pleasure for the long-term gain.  For this body, personally, the key practice is moderation and portion control when it comes to eating.  This also includes eating from a higher awareness, in the context of God and serving and loving All That Is.  And, bringing as much gratitude to the experience as possible, as well as acknowledging the interconnectedness of All and realizing the food as a great gift, not to be taken for granted!  Anyway, that’s probably enough sharing for today 🙂

The key to growth is…baby steps!  And contextualize all the growth in the light of your Highest Goal, which is ultimately the same for One and All, no matter what we may call it.  Some may call it Unconditional Happiness, Perfect Peace, Infinite Love,  All Abundance, Perfect Health, Eternal Life, God Realization…all are just words for the same ultimate experience which we seek, whether consciously or unconsciously.  The funny thing about this seeking is that ultimately…we are that which we seek!  So all we ever have to do is let go and let the Truth shine forth.  Let go, let Love.  Let go, Let God.


On a side note…

Non-violence starts at home, that is with our physical bodies and minds.

and perhaps my new favorite quotation from Louise Hay…

“The point of power is the Present Moment!”  Meaning, in the Present, we have the ability to choose our thoughts and release and overcome any and all past conditioning.

Hallelujah 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Where is the best place to go for Enlightenment?

The swami’s reply, “Within.”

We are that which we are seeking!

Nothing physical has to change for us to discover the ultimate truth and Highest Reality.  It is after all, Reality, which means it is right before us, always and forever! Reality is Reality is Here is Now is Always is Forever Reality!

Meanwhile, this body has recently come under employment by the wonderful land of Satchidananda Ashram / Yogaville, and the mind has been conjuring up all kinds of ideas as to what the heck to do with money.  This mind/body has operated on next to no financial means for the last few years, so actually earning money will be an interesting shift.

One of the primary ideas that stirred in the mind about what to do with money is to use it to visit family and friends.  However, what’s been clicking is that any travel that’s done is not done to attain something or get something.  There is nothing to attain!

So the travel we do is not for ourselves, but it is for Love, in Love, by Love.  Love, Love, Love.  One time i asked a swami about travelling to visit nuclear family, feeling somewhat guilty or confused about leaving the larger ashram family for the more close-knit circle of nuclear family and relatives.  The swami replied something like, “You can go anywhere.  What I do, is, wherever I go, I go to serve.”

Wherever you go, as long as you go in a spirit of Love and Service, it’s all good.  The error and illusion arises when we think going one place or another will lead us along the path to Enlightenment.  And actually, changing environments is a powerful way to shift consciousness and elevate our thinking habits, especially if you seek holy company and/or a spiritual community.  Alas, the point remains – wherever you go, you’re bring your mind with you.  That is why going within is the ultimate answer for where we must all go at one point another to reconnect, rediscover, and remember that Infinite Peace and Love that abides forever as our True Nature.

All the Goodness we truly seek is Within 🙂

And for that, Hallelujah!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

4 Ways to Change your Life

Ask,  What do I want to do more?  What do I want to do less of?  What do I want to start doing?  What do I want to stop doing?

As for ‘me,’ i think it’d be really great if this mind/body did more…

–> Laughing

–> Conscious, mindful breathing

–> Slow, mindful, eating

–> Walking, just to walk

–> Being in the sunlight

–>  Creative expression via organized writing…maybe even putting forth efforts to compile a book

–> Spent more time connecting with family and friends and teachers

–> studied more spiritual scriptures and texts

–> prayer and meditation!

–> journaling and reflecting on the day, asking “what can i learn from this day?  how can i perform better tomorrow?”

–> listen to more classical music.

–> witness the mind and the thoughts.  identify with the witness!

That seems like enough to work on for now 🙂

It’d also be really fun to memorize the Sermon on the Mount.  i read somewhere that it calibrates at 955!  Wahhh!!!

Either way…

Gloria in Excelsis Deo 🙂

Love, Love, Love.

The More You Surrender Creature Comforts, the More Freedom and Joy You Realize

How often do we focus more on our next meal more than anything else?  Or we feel better about the notion of going to sleep in our comfy, cozy bed?  Or our number one joy is just returning to our nest after a long day’s work?

Nothing wrong with any of the above.  But what if you gave up all of those luxuries?  Then, what would be your primary sources of joy?

As beings with human bodies, it is easy to concern ourselves more with caring for the physical body than anything else.  But instead if we prioritize the flourishing of our Soul and Spirit then we really begin to remember how good life really is, all the time 🙂  Creation is Awesome!

Practically speaking, let’s say you’ve decided to make God #1 in your life.  God is your top priority!  Or, keeping your Peace is #1.  Either way, it’s just like choosing Love 🙂  So, God / Love / Peace is your top priority.  If God is #1, that basically means there is no #2.  God is one without a second!  So, what does a life look like as God as the #1 priority?

It looks like a life free from all attachments and all aversions.  But that doesn’t mean much either…

It means a life free from wanting anything and a life free from resisting anything…

It means a life where one needs nothing and wants nothing, because one realizes that one already has everything – God.

So what’s that mean for how the physical body lives?

It means one gives up concerning oneself about physical / bodily details like food, shelter, comfort, etc.

Imagine how much freedom could open up in your experience of life if you stopped caring at all about what food the body ate and where the body slept.

Imagine being totally content and even blissful at the prospect of simply eating scraps, leftovers, or whatever is offered at a soup kitchen, once everyone else has been served.  You might call this humility, and truly it is an intensely liberating way of living.

Similarly, imagine that you’re totally content just to allow the body to rest on a flat surface, and it doesn’t even have to be at night.  You give up caring about when the body sleeps or if it sleeps.  Instead, you just prioritize realizing and being with God each moment, completely at Peace and abiding in Love, with Love.  Always Love.

Concerns about the body drop away.  And then how freedom we really have to live truly and walk in the light of the Lord 🙂

Hence, Gandhi loved to reference a line from the Upanishads, “Tena tyaktena bhunjitah,” which can translate to mean, “Renounce and Enjoy!”  Give up everything and truly enjoy.

Give up creature comforts and enjoy the Love of the Lord 🙂

Of course, you can also enjoy the creature comforts as a divine gift from God.  Just remember!  Place every experience in the context of God, and surely you’ll experience harmony with Infinite Love and Peace.

When we remember God, The Goodness of God and the Love and the Peace that is God, worldly desires fall away, and we remember the Perfection of Creation, and the Perfection of this moment, which is eternal!

So, as soon as we stop going after things, we realize and remember how good we’ve always had it.  As soon as we stop seeking, we remember we are that which we seek!  That is why Huang Po councils students to not seek become a Buddha.  How can you seek that which you already are?  The only thing ever to do is…Surrender!!! Give up everything and all the illusion and separation fades away and we rediscover the True Nature.

Align with Love.  Align with Peace.  Align with God and Goodness.  Purify all intentions.  Dedicate it all to the Lord and to the Highest Good of All.  Dedicate Life to Truth and Love.  Devote everything to the Lord 🙂  Surrender personal will at great depth to God!  Even just embracing any of these contexts for 1 second of one day will likely return an abundant harvest.

Give up. Give up. Give up.  This is the lifetime we have been given for Enlightenment and remembrance of our True Nature, which is already absolutely free and liberated.  Remember. Remember. Remember.  There is only One of us here.  There is only One Being.  All is One!

Hence the Gita, “They live in wisdom who see the Self in all and all in Them, whose love for the Lord of Love has consumed every sense craving and selfish desire tormenting the soul.”

Sense cravings…how trivial!  Chocolate, cake, candy, fruits, none of it compares to the goodness of God.  In God we realize long-term gratification, not just the short-term pleasure that comes from satisfying sense cravings.  God offers eternal happiness, Infinite Love and Peace.

“The best do not compete.” – Lao Tzu

Accept whatever comes.  Don’t go competing or seeking or striving.  If it comes, let it come.  If it goes, let it go.  Who is the one doing the seeking, anyway?  You are that which you are seeking!  The Highest is our True Nature.  There is nothing to attain.  If there is anything to do at all, it is simply a matter of giving up.  Give up the illusions.  Give up the thoughts.  Give up the attachments to emotions, resentments, judgments, memories, expectations.  Give it all up.  The Eternal Moment is Divine.  All is provided.  Want nothing, need nothing – be like God.  Desirelessness is Perfect Bliss.

At the very least – witness the thoughts.  Just watch them come and go.  Notice how fleeting they are.  Thoughts are like dust in the wind.  Thoughts are not who or what we are.  On one level, we are the witness of the cosmic show.  Enjoy the show.  Dissociate from the body by projecting awareness in a corner of a room, and watch the show from that perspective.  Just enjoy the cosmic drama play itself out.  Watch the scene from a distance and realize you are so much more than the physical body/mind.  Rather you are One with the One Mind, the Dreamer, the Universal Intelligence, and more!

Words, words, words.  Ha!  Words can only point the way.

Ultimately, Truth is in direct experience.

“Put no one’s head above your own,” says the Buddha.

The proof is in the pudding!  Experience for yourself.  Love.  Absolute Freedom. God. Peace. Infinite Goodness. Unity. Oneness.  Complete Surrender.  Buddha Nature.  Christ Consciousness. Enlightenment. The Supreme!

You are worthy of it all.  In fact, you might Be it All!

Holy Moment, Wonderful Moment.

Breathing is Divine.  Witnessing the breath is Divine.  It’s all Divine!

Approve of all.  Lovingly Accept All.  Discriminate never.  Behold all equally, with the Infinite Love of the Lord.

“Every one of them is Jesus in disguise,” so told Mother Teresa to herself when serving the people of Calcutta.

It’s all holy.  What a waste of effort and energy to judge anything negatively.  If anything, judge it all to be the very Best, to be a Divine Gift, to be God’s Will and Perfect.  Judge it all to be your Perfect Teacher and catalyst for Higher Consciousness, Awareness, Spiritual Growth and Evolution.

Realize the Perfection of this Eternal Moment.

Enjoy fully.

Your truest and deepest desires are fulfilled in this instant, Always and Forever.

The Peace is with you, the Love is with you.  The Peace and Love are your True Nature.

There is nothing to seek.  You are that which you seek!  All is Within and is the Truth of your Being.

Dream.  Dream.  Dream.

Hallelujah 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Take refuge in the Name! Whatever Name you prefer, you choose.  The Name is the Name is the Name.  All glory is to Thee, O Lord God 🙂

What to do with money? Time? This Precious Gift of Life?

Become more conscious and aware!

Of what?

Of God! Of Love!  Of Peace, Perfection, Goodness, Beauty.  Of Pure Consciousness in everyone and everything.  Of the Unity and Oneness of All That Is!

Grow in understanding of Reality.  Through direct experience, understand the teachings of the Great Teachers of Humanity, like Jesus and the Buddha.  Experience Truth directly!

Another way to put it…raise the vibration!  Keep on raising that vibration by realizing greater and greater Love.

Much of the game of life is dissolving all negativity, whether it be depression, shame, guilt, fear, anger, resentment, judgment, desire, or pride.  Dissolve it all!  Then all we realize is Courage, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Joy, Peace, and the Lord 🙂

Why were we given a human birth?  Because we had desires.  And now on this plane we can fulfill many desires.  But what happens when we fulfill desires?  It seems like we only want more and more!  So what’s the ultimate desire?  Freedom from all desires!  An awareness that this moment is perfect just as it is – an awareness of God in this moment, that is Eternal!  David R. Hawkins says the ultimate aspiration is to strive to know God.  When we know God, there is nothing else.  What would there possibly be to desire if we know God?

Perhaps the best part about desiring to know God is that God is omnipresent – Everywhere Present!  So we can know God in this instant, in any circumstances, under all conditions!  No matter the external conditions, the very Best, the Absolute Supreme, the Almighty, is with us and available to us.  Alleluia!

With an awareness of God, perfection becomes evident, and we realize that there is really nothing to do.  All attachments to having that or doing this or becoming Mr. or Mrs. so-and-so disappear.  With knowledge of the Lord, the triviality of the material world becomes apparent.

What keeps us from knowledge of God?  What seems to be responsible for pain and suffering we experience?


Hence, to sum up Zen Buddhism in 2 words…”Stop thinking.”  Thoughts create so much pain and suffering and perpetuate illusion and delusion.  Thoughts remove us from experiencing the Spiritual Reality that is before us always.  Thoughts bind us to the past and the future, blinding us to the magnificence and goodness before us Here and Now, Always and Forever.

So then, what to do with money?

Like the mind, money makes a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.

If you possess money, and you experience anxiety over what to do with it or whether it is safe or not or anything like that, it might be best to give it away.  Of course, through meditation and perhaps an acceptance that “This too shall pass,” you can realize Peace with any and all circumstances in the material world.  Alas, giving the money away and acting charitably is always a good solution 🙂

Another solution as to what to do with money…use to help One and All become more conscious and aware, more single-minded, more educated and enlightened.  Use it to facilitate survival, love, and growth.  Personally, i’m a bit biased towards the love and growth.  What good is it to feed a man a fish for a day, when instead you can teach him how to fish and serve him for a lifetime?  If you invest in love and growth, that automatically facilitates survival.

Alas, David. R. Hawkins, in his book Truth vs. Falsehood, has an incredible list of spiritual practices, books, places, music, movies, and even physical exercises that can help to raise one’s vibration and grow one in love.  According to Hawkins and his calibration research, the song Alleluia by Robert Gass calibrates in the 700s, which is the realm of mystical union with the Divine.  So, perhaps investing a CD of that song and listening to it each day might produce some wonderful effects 🙂

Not only is it helpful to own or have access to uplifting / enlightening books, movies, and music, but perhaps more significantly is possessing the resource of time to spend time with whatever enlightening resources one has access to, including the resources of prayer and meditation.  More and more, allow your Soul the gift of spending time consciously striving to know God and become more conscious and aware and  grow in realization of Infinite Love and Peace.  What good is owning the music if you never listen to it?

We’ve got to give ourselves the gift of silence and stillness.  Give the gift of spiritual study.  Give the gift of carefree timelessness, of Present Moment Awareness and Appreciation.  Give the gift of prayer and meditation and  gratitude.  These gifts all reap an abundant spiritual harvest with returns far beyond this lifetime.

So with money…whatever is helpful in allowing for the maximum amount of time/energy/effort towards consciously growing in Love, deepening understanding of Spiritual Teaching, aligning with God, whatever you want to call it – go for that, because you are worthy of all the best!  Nothing is too good for you 🙂

More and more, we want our awareness centered in Love, in Peace, in the Divine.  That’s ultimate nourishment for the Soul.  Study helps facilitate this.  Music can help facilitate this.  Silence and stillness can.  Being around a spiritual teacher or a spiritual landmark can help.  Shaping the physical environment certainly helps – whether it be by upgrading your peer group with more spiritual conscious people or putting up posters of saints and sages or filling your library with scriptures…it’s all good!

Warren Buffet says the best investment is education.  And probably what he also meant was…the best investment is in your own enlightenment!  We can all become saints.  We can all know God in this instant.  And the physical world and rituals and such won’t necessarily get us to that awareness, but it can help facilitate the process!  No particularly habits are necessary to know God.  What matters perhaps more than anything else is a courageous willingness to surrender and a burning desire for the Highest Truth and Good of All.

A saint knows God equally in Harlem and Heaven. For you and i though, we might not be there.  So it can help to be in a conscious community of people striving to know God, like a monastery or ashram.  If you consider moving to such a place a worthy investment in your spiritual growth, do it!  Ultimately knowing God means attachments to nothing, even a spiritual community.   So you can certainly know God where you are now, however for the time being, it may be helpful to immerse yourself more fully in a spiritually conscious vibration.

Remember – free advice is often worth what it costs.  So, maybe all these words are just ehhh.  Alas, one more tidbit of free advice 😉

To purify the thoughts and consciousness, upgrading from television/radio and advertisements to the preference of classical music / chanting might totally help facilitate the realization of Peace, Love, and God Consciousness.  (As would reading holy scriptures instead of GQ or Cosmopolitan)  Music is particularly powerful, and such music as that by Robert Gass, Bach, Mozart, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, all of it is so nourishing for the body, mind, and Soul.

On that note…


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Living Prayerfully

The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace!

Try devoting the next thing you do to God and dedicate it to the Highest Good of Everyone and Everything, and experience the Peace of the devotion and dedication.

On the other hand, when we forget to dedicate or devote our actions, or when we forget to align our actions with our Major Definite Purpose / Highest Goal and Good in Life, such actions usually aren’t all that enjoyable.  Or perhaps they bring temporary pleasure – but afterwards maybe we’re left feeling guilty.  We might find ourselves doubting, “Why did i do that?” or, “Why did i do that, that way?”  Because, after all, the how of what we do often matters more than the what.  You can do anything in a loving way, and aligned with love you’ll likely sow a wonderful harvest.

Doing supposedly loving acts like volunteering or giving gifts with anger in the heart doesn’t actually do much good.  Perhaps that’s why the prescription is, “There are no great acts; only small acts done with great love.”  When we remember there are no great acts, then we allow our ego to get out of the way and let the love pour through.

Meanwhile, as much as the How seems to generally trump the What, it does seem like there are a few “What”‘s that might be considered general taboo.  These acts seem more difficult to perform in a loving manner.  Such as:

–> interrupting another while they are speaking.  Better to listen and allow for full expression.  Yet, some highly trained professionals might employ interrupt techniques to interrupt a negative thought pattern and ideally break the pattern.  So, if you’re a professional trained in interruption, go for it 😉  Otherwise, best to listen deeply in most cases.  Listening demands great patience.  What’s the rush?

–>  physical violence upon another being.  Verbal abuse as well…and kind of violence!  Even thinking negative thoughts…well that just might be impossible to do in a loving way!  What you can do, however, is witness the negative thoughts.  Realize you are not the thoughts, but more like the witness of the thoughts, and then you can bless the negative thoughts and practice compassion towards your own mind, which often wanders like a monkey, swinging aimlessly from branch to branch.  Caring for these human minds requires compassion.  The mind is innocent, and so impressionable!  No one is to blame for however our minds might be programmed, and we can accept responsibility and practice witnessing the mind and also training it via concentration and meditation, as well as spiritual study and keeping good company 🙂


The key is awareness.  Presence.  When we have Presence enough to witness the situation, then we are free from external influences and can dispassionately engage with a  balanced energy of Love and Peace.

Questions guide our behavior, whether we’re conscious of the questions or not.  Answering the questions is how we live.  If we can begin to live by answering the questions, “What can I give?  How can I best serve, Here and Now?  What’s the most I can do for the Benefit and Highest Good of All?” then we’ll really begin living wonderfully.

Another question you can ask is, “What’s the rush?” The truthful answer to the question is that there is no situation so urgent that it asks us to disconnect from our Peace and Lovingness.  And that is a great gift of God!  We are never asked to stop being Peaceful and Loving.  There is no rush so great as to ask that of us.  Even if we have deadlines to meet, we can maintain our Peace and Love every step of the way.  Let us always remember that there really is no rush for what matters most 🙂 And, what matters most is our very essence and is available and with us every single moment.  We are that which we seek!  Ultimately, the highest and purest desires we have are realizable in this very instant, because they have already been freely bestowed upon us and may in fact be the truth of who we are.  The Highest Desires for all human beings might be called Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Oneness…and these qualities are accessible now!  Some lower desires constitute things on the material plane like money, relationships, better physical health, etc., and these generally require time to manifest, versus the Highest Desires which are beyond the illusion of time and available in the Eternal Moment.  Hallelujah 🙂

What’s the rush?  There is none.  Nothing matters so much as realization of Peace and Love, because that is Truth and that is God.

And realize that if you think things need to change in the material world for you to experience and realize Peace and Love, that is an illusion and trick of the mind!  Peace and Love are available to all, every moment.  They are within and without.  Omnipresent! Everywhere, Present.

Go as slowly as you need to remain connected with that Peace and Love that is within and beyond.  The physical world is ever changing – what is the use of getting attached to it and allowing it to stir up sensations of pain and suffering?  Better to remember the Eternal, serve and love the Eternal, and cherish the Kingdom that is Within 🙂

This too shall pass.

Breathe deeply with the body.

Allow it to smile.

Enjoy This!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

“The Best benefit all and do not compete.” – Lao Tzu

Let us all be the Best!

What does it mean to benefit all?

What does it mean to not compete?

In competition, there is a winner or a loser.  Competition thrives in duality.

When there is only One, there is only One.

One cannot compete with One.  One can only create with One.

Benefit! Benefit! Benefit!

To benefit all and compete with none is the same as saying…


Love knows no competition.  We don’t go around thinking, “I love so much more than that other person.”  No, Love simply loves without thought of return or reciprocity.  Love gives out of its own abundance.

Everyone wins with Love.  Everyone benefits!

So the simple answer to the question, “How do I compete with none and benefit all?” is to Love!

Choose Love.  Choose Love. Choose Love.  Even affirm that you are Love!

“We come from Love.  We go with Love. In between we live with Love.  Be content just to Love.  Love for the sake of loving because loving makes you happy.”

Love is The Way.

Love is beyond all the form of the world.  Love helps us see that it is not about what we do, but how we do it.  As St. Paul shares in his treatise on Love – one can give away all your possessions to the poor, but it means nothing if you don’t have Love!  It’s not about acting holy, but being holy.  The question to ask isn’t so much, “What would Jesus do?” but instead, “How would Jesus do it?”  And the answer is always – with Love Unlimited!

Only when we think in the world of duality and start judging some as good and others as bad do we start thinking that the “What we do” really matters.  We might then think we are doing righteous work while others are not.  But really, any work in the material world can be performed in a holy way.  So it’s not so much the work that matters, but the energy and intention that you put into the work.  To work from a loving energy transforms the work into service, and even play.  As Gandhi said, “Do it with joy or not at all!”

The details don’t matter so much.  The intention is far more powerful and significant.

Intend to benefit all.  Intend to Love All!  Intend to live a holy life.  Intend God’s Will!  Pure intentions return total Peace of Mind and Heart.

Hallelujah 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Name the Body

Do you ever notice thoughts of, “I’m hungry,” or thirsty, tired, bored, etc?

Well who or what is actually hungry, bored, tired, or thirsty?

It’s not the real you.  What’s hungry is the body.  You are definitely not the body, or at least you are much more than just the physical body.  If the arm of your body gets cut off, you are no longer that are arm, are you?  You still exist independent of that arm, yes?

So then, name your body.  Why?  Because thoughts like, “I’m hungry,” are just maybe more false than they are true.  Moreover, what good do such thoughts really do?  Probably better to think about loving, being peace, and knowing God 🙂

If you name the body, then when you do notice thoughts like “I’m hungry,” you can replace it with, “Ah, Fred is hungry.”  This helps create separation between the body and your True Self, which is beyond such fleeting sensations as pleasure and pain, including hunger.

Also, you can name that Higher Self that is You, perhaps call it Soul or your Spirit or Essence.  So, when you notice a hungry thought you can then upgrade it with something like, “Ah, Fred is hungry.  Yet Siva remains undisturbed, totally fulfilled, and abiding in Love.”  The Highest that is who we really are abides independent of the fluctuations of the world, so it is can be helpful to remind ourselves of who and what we really are by affirming that our ultimate, purest, truest, holiest identify is ever abiding in Love and God and Peace, or however you’d like to be call it.  Maybe just say, “Ah, yes, Body/Mind might feel hungry, but Soul/Higher Self abides eternally in Peace and Love, in God’s Grace.”

Anyway, just a thought 😉

Play with it. Have fun.

And please, feel free to share any other ideas regarding overcoming identification and attachment to the body, and facilitating remembrance and awareness of our Highest Self 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!