God is watching! God is watching me! God is watching over me!

Mmm.  How comforting!

One of the primary qualities of God which it seems every religion agrees on is Omnipresence.  Additionally, Omniscience.

That means,  God is Everywhere Present, and God knows All.

That means, there is an Eye from which nothing is hidden.

There are ultimately no secrets.

Nothing is hidden!

This can be frightening at first, but alas!

Another quality of God just might be Infinite Mercy – meaning we are unconditionally forgiven, no matter what!  And ultimately, there is nothing to forgive, for all merely do the best we can, given what we know.  We are all ignorant!  Remembering this makes forgiveness easy.

And, given that nothing is hidden, that God sees all and knows all, what does this mean for us?

It means, let us start learning from our mistakes and correct our supposed shortcomings.  Let us strive to always do and be better!  To offer more and more to God and to the Highest Good of All!

Dedicate more and more.  Live a purer and purer life.  Be real.  Practice radical self-honesty!  Take a fearless moral inventory.

Imagine yourself living a totally holy, pure, loving, godly life, whatever that is to you – what actions might call for changing in this context?  What thoughts and behaviors might be done away with? What desires would be released, if you were living a full holy, loving, peaceful, joyous life?

Let us all strive to live as best we can and learn our lessons!  True self-love is learning from our mistakes the first time, and not ever repeating them again.  Let us Love by learning and growing 🙂


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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