Cultivate Pure, Selfless Desires

“Prepare yourself with purity and selflessness.”

As we become more powerful, realizing our True Nature, we will slip back and lose the ground gained if our increased realization of Power is not accompanied with purity and selflessness.  With whatever we do, however we are, it is most important to stay centered in Love and Giving – to stay centered in that which is pure and selfless.

How do we cultivate pure and selfless desires?

If you write down, “What do i desire most?”  You can add to the question, “What do I desire most, for everyone and everything?”

When whatever you want for yourself, you want for all, then you can trust you’re abiding in purity.

In the context of wanting for One and All, wanting things like healthy food and a body of optimum strength, a clear, calm mind, and generally good feelings – all make sense!  From one level, those can be perceived as selfish desires, but ultimately those desires are good for everyone.  And let us remember Gandhi’s counsel, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Instead of waiting for the world to change, change yourself (yourself meaning the behaviors of your mind/body).

And what’s the greatest thing any one of us can do for all of us?  Realize God!  Become Enlightened!  Think of the wonderful impact Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and so many enlightened beings have had on humanity.  Their pure, loving, selfless example inspires countless millions, and they show us how to truly live as a human, and how to know God.

So, if you want to serve the Highest Good of All, know God 🙂

The best part about intangible desires, such as the desire to know God, is that they are realizable in this Moment!  God is, after all, omnipresent – everywhere present – including right here, right now.  You can know God now!  Wow…

So if you take a deep breathe, smile, express gratitude, you might suddenly move much closer to knowing God in this Holy Instant.

And as you know God, you abide in Supreme Love and Peace, and you realize that there is actually nothing to desire, because The Very Best is with you Here and Now, Always and Forever.  In the desireless state, you infinitely Love whatever is before you, in all its Fullness – unlimited, unbound.  You are Free!  One of the ultimate freedoms is the freedom to Unconditionally Love and Enjoy, no matter what – and that is our birthright, available to us each and every moment.

Pure, selfless desires benefit One and All, and they do not bind us.  Selfish desires can bind us and get us caught in negative emotions.  That which is pure frees us 🙂



Hallelujah 🙂

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