Trust Your Self

You know.

Beyond words and ideas, concepts and opinions, labels and judgments, you know.

Whatever your body or any body says is incomplete and therefore ultimately untrue.   Your silence is the Truth.

Knowing beyond ‘scientific knowing,’ that’s what it’s all about.

You have the ability to experience Truth directly, and this experience requires no words or description of any kind.  It is pure subjectivity.

Trust the experience above all else.  The experience is Reality.

Know beyond all the words and the labels.

The Truth that forever abides in the silence is the same Truth as to who and what you really are.

As the Vedas suggest, whatever is changing isn’t real.  People and words, thoughts and opinions, are not real.  Rumors are not real.  Only the unchanging is real.  Only that which is permanent is Real.  The impermanent is dust and to dust it shall return!

How useless it is to get attached to or concern ourselves with the things that are impermanent.  Anything physical is already in the process of decay.  It will be gone soon enough – why get so attached to it and let thoughts about it cause you pain and suffering?  Better to be free from that which is impermanent, and give our sole attention to that which is Unchanging and Permanent.  Because the Unchanging and Permanent, that we can always rely on 🙂

David R. Hawkins writes that the ultimate aspiration is to strive to know God.  So i figured, why not make it my #1 purpose/mission/goal to know God?

It’s a tricky goal to progress towards because it’s so intangible, and in that way, so Permanent!  God, being Omnipresent, is available to One and All of Us moment-to-moment, so progressing towards such a goal is a realization that would occur in one moment, and perhaps another, and another, and so on.  Knowing God is really the same as living in the Absolute Reality of the Highest Truth of the Present Moment, living in and with that Divine Consciousness and Awareness.

Speaking personally, one mental strategy i’ve employed on this quest is to replace any negative or wandering thoughts with a reminder of the goal, to know God.  And it’s been somewhat amusing to witness how little matters when placed in the context of God.

With the goal being to know God, so many thoughts reveal their useless nature.  Ultimately, it seems like thoughts are part of the ego which draw us away from the Present Moment.  Many thoughts are either about the past or the future, or they are more intellectual musing about the nature of something (i.e. opinions).  So the thoughts don’t really assist in knowing God, but rather the mind thinks as a rather futile attempt to discern the True Nature of Reality.

As i read recently, there’s nothing the mind can do to know God.  No mind is going to think its way to God.  Because thoughts are relatively time-bound, and God is infinite and totally beyond space and time, the two don’t exactly go together.

However, a thought about the goal of ‘knowing God’ can be helpful.  Why?  Such a thought can essentially move the mind into a state of surrender.  Or, as David R. Hawkins also writes, one of the most powerful thoughts a person can have is, “To Thee, O Lord, I do devote life itself.”  The Lord is with us, and when the mind gravitates around such a thought, it goes quiet.  Because, on some level, the mind knows the Lord is Present, and when making this statement basically surrenders whatever else.

If a mind proclaims the goal to know God or to devote life itself to God, a Higher part of our being knows that nothing physical needs to be done for such a goal/desire to fully realize itself, for God is Present, Always 🙂  Because of this, we can experience surrender of everything time-bound (including all thoughts), and begin to experience more fully the True Nature of God.

So then…we can surrender everything to God.  Devote everything to God.  Desire to Know God.  Any of these thoughts have the power to release all other thoughts, and then we abide in the Reality that is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipowerful.  i’d also like to throw in the adjective of Omni-Good and Omni-Loving, although maybe those qualities are implied and are just this ego wanting to express itself 😉


Gloria in Excelsis Deo 🙂


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