Think of One Thing Only

Ideally, at least.

Imagine how focused you would be if you chose one great goal to focus on.  You focus the mind on one thought and one thought only…inevitably the thought would manifest itself so soon!  You’d realize the fulfillment of the thought rapidly.  And, if you choose a high enough thought, for example Love or Peace or God or Truth, perhaps that thought is more than enough to be your one thought for this entire lifetime.

The ego/mind loves to think.  It loves to wander and get curious and question and judge and create opinions and labels for everything.  But what good does that bring us?  Better to discipline the mind and focus it on one thing.  One thing that you consider worthy of our absolute attention and focus.  That point of focus can be the focal point for your life.  So choose wisely!  And, of course, there is no rush.  Feel free to shop around with points of focus.  Try out ‘Buddha’ for a week, the maybe ‘Jesus,’ then ‘Truth’ and ‘Love,’ maybe ‘The Best,’ or ‘Pure Consciousness,’ and just see what happens.  See how what you focus on colors your perceptions of Reality.  And the greater your focus is aligned with the True Nature of Reality, presumably the more powerful you’ll become.  And, in this sense, powerful generally moves loving 🙂

“Nothing can stop a will that will stake even existence for its fulfillment.”

It seems like the most powerful thing any one of us can do is focus our mind on one thing.  The more we become single-pointed, the more nothing can get in our way.  We are so powerful, especially when we train the mind to concentrate and focus on The Highest to us.

Whatever is The Highest, Supreme, Absolute, Ultimate, to you – focus on it!  It is obviously worth it, because you determined it to be for yourself!  And if it’s too tough to choose one right now, that’s okay 🙂  You can focus on both Love and Peace – that will still serve your well.

Just begin now to narrow the process of thinking many thoughts, to just a few sublime thoughts, and eventually maybe just to one.

Personally, this current mind still has trouble narrowing it down…but the only block is the ego.  The more we surrender the ego and see past its illusion and false sense of separation that it creates, the more we can surrender all of our thoughts, and surrender the entire thinking process itself.  As David R. Hawkins wrote once, “All thoughts are vanities.”  Yet, one good one is a great place to start.  Love!

Or as Dogen says, “Just think of Buddhism and nothing else.  Don’t concern yourself with worldly matters.  Study the way and become single-minded.”

Whatever your focus is – you choose!  The key isn’t necessarily what you focus on – but focus!  Focus itself is holy, because focus gradually lets go of the ego and individual small self to open to the Higher Self that is in All.  Focusing proclaims there is something greater than the material world, and perhaps that something is eternal and worth surrendering the material world for.

Happiness is our birthright!  And it comes with a calm, clear, focused mind.  Know what you want, and it is yours.  Ask and you shall receive!  Moment-to-moment, we ask with each and every thought, so choose wisely, choose consciously.


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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