Name the Body

Do you ever notice thoughts of, “I’m hungry,” or thirsty, tired, bored, etc?

Well who or what is actually hungry, bored, tired, or thirsty?

It’s not the real you.  What’s hungry is the body.  You are definitely not the body, or at least you are much more than just the physical body.  If the arm of your body gets cut off, you are no longer that are arm, are you?  You still exist independent of that arm, yes?

So then, name your body.  Why?  Because thoughts like, “I’m hungry,” are just maybe more false than they are true.  Moreover, what good do such thoughts really do?  Probably better to think about loving, being peace, and knowing God 🙂

If you name the body, then when you do notice thoughts like “I’m hungry,” you can replace it with, “Ah, Fred is hungry.”  This helps create separation between the body and your True Self, which is beyond such fleeting sensations as pleasure and pain, including hunger.

Also, you can name that Higher Self that is You, perhaps call it Soul or your Spirit or Essence.  So, when you notice a hungry thought you can then upgrade it with something like, “Ah, Fred is hungry.  Yet Siva remains undisturbed, totally fulfilled, and abiding in Love.”  The Highest that is who we really are abides independent of the fluctuations of the world, so it is can be helpful to remind ourselves of who and what we really are by affirming that our ultimate, purest, truest, holiest identify is ever abiding in Love and God and Peace, or however you’d like to be call it.  Maybe just say, “Ah, yes, Body/Mind might feel hungry, but Soul/Higher Self abides eternally in Peace and Love, in God’s Grace.”

Anyway, just a thought 😉

Play with it. Have fun.

And please, feel free to share any other ideas regarding overcoming identification and attachment to the body, and facilitating remembrance and awareness of our Highest Self 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!



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