Living Prayerfully

The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace!

Try devoting the next thing you do to God and dedicate it to the Highest Good of Everyone and Everything, and experience the Peace of the devotion and dedication.

On the other hand, when we forget to dedicate or devote our actions, or when we forget to align our actions with our Major Definite Purpose / Highest Goal and Good in Life, such actions usually aren’t all that enjoyable.  Or perhaps they bring temporary pleasure – but afterwards maybe we’re left feeling guilty.  We might find ourselves doubting, “Why did i do that?” or, “Why did i do that, that way?”  Because, after all, the how of what we do often matters more than the what.  You can do anything in a loving way, and aligned with love you’ll likely sow a wonderful harvest.

Doing supposedly loving acts like volunteering or giving gifts with anger in the heart doesn’t actually do much good.  Perhaps that’s why the prescription is, “There are no great acts; only small acts done with great love.”  When we remember there are no great acts, then we allow our ego to get out of the way and let the love pour through.

Meanwhile, as much as the How seems to generally trump the What, it does seem like there are a few “What”‘s that might be considered general taboo.  These acts seem more difficult to perform in a loving manner.  Such as:

–> interrupting another while they are speaking.  Better to listen and allow for full expression.  Yet, some highly trained professionals might employ interrupt techniques to interrupt a negative thought pattern and ideally break the pattern.  So, if you’re a professional trained in interruption, go for it 😉  Otherwise, best to listen deeply in most cases.  Listening demands great patience.  What’s the rush?

–>  physical violence upon another being.  Verbal abuse as well…and kind of violence!  Even thinking negative thoughts…well that just might be impossible to do in a loving way!  What you can do, however, is witness the negative thoughts.  Realize you are not the thoughts, but more like the witness of the thoughts, and then you can bless the negative thoughts and practice compassion towards your own mind, which often wanders like a monkey, swinging aimlessly from branch to branch.  Caring for these human minds requires compassion.  The mind is innocent, and so impressionable!  No one is to blame for however our minds might be programmed, and we can accept responsibility and practice witnessing the mind and also training it via concentration and meditation, as well as spiritual study and keeping good company 🙂


The key is awareness.  Presence.  When we have Presence enough to witness the situation, then we are free from external influences and can dispassionately engage with a  balanced energy of Love and Peace.

Questions guide our behavior, whether we’re conscious of the questions or not.  Answering the questions is how we live.  If we can begin to live by answering the questions, “What can I give?  How can I best serve, Here and Now?  What’s the most I can do for the Benefit and Highest Good of All?” then we’ll really begin living wonderfully.

Another question you can ask is, “What’s the rush?” The truthful answer to the question is that there is no situation so urgent that it asks us to disconnect from our Peace and Lovingness.  And that is a great gift of God!  We are never asked to stop being Peaceful and Loving.  There is no rush so great as to ask that of us.  Even if we have deadlines to meet, we can maintain our Peace and Love every step of the way.  Let us always remember that there really is no rush for what matters most 🙂 And, what matters most is our very essence and is available and with us every single moment.  We are that which we seek!  Ultimately, the highest and purest desires we have are realizable in this very instant, because they have already been freely bestowed upon us and may in fact be the truth of who we are.  The Highest Desires for all human beings might be called Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Oneness…and these qualities are accessible now!  Some lower desires constitute things on the material plane like money, relationships, better physical health, etc., and these generally require time to manifest, versus the Highest Desires which are beyond the illusion of time and available in the Eternal Moment.  Hallelujah 🙂

What’s the rush?  There is none.  Nothing matters so much as realization of Peace and Love, because that is Truth and that is God.

And realize that if you think things need to change in the material world for you to experience and realize Peace and Love, that is an illusion and trick of the mind!  Peace and Love are available to all, every moment.  They are within and without.  Omnipresent! Everywhere, Present.

Go as slowly as you need to remain connected with that Peace and Love that is within and beyond.  The physical world is ever changing – what is the use of getting attached to it and allowing it to stir up sensations of pain and suffering?  Better to remember the Eternal, serve and love the Eternal, and cherish the Kingdom that is Within 🙂

This too shall pass.

Breathe deeply with the body.

Allow it to smile.

Enjoy This!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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