What to do with money? Time? This Precious Gift of Life?

Become more conscious and aware!

Of what?

Of God! Of Love!  Of Peace, Perfection, Goodness, Beauty.  Of Pure Consciousness in everyone and everything.  Of the Unity and Oneness of All That Is!

Grow in understanding of Reality.  Through direct experience, understand the teachings of the Great Teachers of Humanity, like Jesus and the Buddha.  Experience Truth directly!

Another way to put it…raise the vibration!  Keep on raising that vibration by realizing greater and greater Love.

Much of the game of life is dissolving all negativity, whether it be depression, shame, guilt, fear, anger, resentment, judgment, desire, or pride.  Dissolve it all!  Then all we realize is Courage, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Joy, Peace, and the Lord 🙂

Why were we given a human birth?  Because we had desires.  And now on this plane we can fulfill many desires.  But what happens when we fulfill desires?  It seems like we only want more and more!  So what’s the ultimate desire?  Freedom from all desires!  An awareness that this moment is perfect just as it is – an awareness of God in this moment, that is Eternal!  David R. Hawkins says the ultimate aspiration is to strive to know God.  When we know God, there is nothing else.  What would there possibly be to desire if we know God?

Perhaps the best part about desiring to know God is that God is omnipresent – Everywhere Present!  So we can know God in this instant, in any circumstances, under all conditions!  No matter the external conditions, the very Best, the Absolute Supreme, the Almighty, is with us and available to us.  Alleluia!

With an awareness of God, perfection becomes evident, and we realize that there is really nothing to do.  All attachments to having that or doing this or becoming Mr. or Mrs. so-and-so disappear.  With knowledge of the Lord, the triviality of the material world becomes apparent.

What keeps us from knowledge of God?  What seems to be responsible for pain and suffering we experience?


Hence, to sum up Zen Buddhism in 2 words…”Stop thinking.”  Thoughts create so much pain and suffering and perpetuate illusion and delusion.  Thoughts remove us from experiencing the Spiritual Reality that is before us always.  Thoughts bind us to the past and the future, blinding us to the magnificence and goodness before us Here and Now, Always and Forever.

So then, what to do with money?

Like the mind, money makes a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.

If you possess money, and you experience anxiety over what to do with it or whether it is safe or not or anything like that, it might be best to give it away.  Of course, through meditation and perhaps an acceptance that “This too shall pass,” you can realize Peace with any and all circumstances in the material world.  Alas, giving the money away and acting charitably is always a good solution 🙂

Another solution as to what to do with money…use to help One and All become more conscious and aware, more single-minded, more educated and enlightened.  Use it to facilitate survival, love, and growth.  Personally, i’m a bit biased towards the love and growth.  What good is it to feed a man a fish for a day, when instead you can teach him how to fish and serve him for a lifetime?  If you invest in love and growth, that automatically facilitates survival.

Alas, David. R. Hawkins, in his book Truth vs. Falsehood, has an incredible list of spiritual practices, books, places, music, movies, and even physical exercises that can help to raise one’s vibration and grow one in love.  According to Hawkins and his calibration research, the song Alleluia by Robert Gass calibrates in the 700s, which is the realm of mystical union with the Divine.  So, perhaps investing a CD of that song and listening to it each day might produce some wonderful effects 🙂

Not only is it helpful to own or have access to uplifting / enlightening books, movies, and music, but perhaps more significantly is possessing the resource of time to spend time with whatever enlightening resources one has access to, including the resources of prayer and meditation.  More and more, allow your Soul the gift of spending time consciously striving to know God and become more conscious and aware and  grow in realization of Infinite Love and Peace.  What good is owning the music if you never listen to it?

We’ve got to give ourselves the gift of silence and stillness.  Give the gift of spiritual study.  Give the gift of carefree timelessness, of Present Moment Awareness and Appreciation.  Give the gift of prayer and meditation and  gratitude.  These gifts all reap an abundant spiritual harvest with returns far beyond this lifetime.

So with money…whatever is helpful in allowing for the maximum amount of time/energy/effort towards consciously growing in Love, deepening understanding of Spiritual Teaching, aligning with God, whatever you want to call it – go for that, because you are worthy of all the best!  Nothing is too good for you 🙂

More and more, we want our awareness centered in Love, in Peace, in the Divine.  That’s ultimate nourishment for the Soul.  Study helps facilitate this.  Music can help facilitate this.  Silence and stillness can.  Being around a spiritual teacher or a spiritual landmark can help.  Shaping the physical environment certainly helps – whether it be by upgrading your peer group with more spiritual conscious people or putting up posters of saints and sages or filling your library with scriptures…it’s all good!

Warren Buffet says the best investment is education.  And probably what he also meant was…the best investment is in your own enlightenment!  We can all become saints.  We can all know God in this instant.  And the physical world and rituals and such won’t necessarily get us to that awareness, but it can help facilitate the process!  No particularly habits are necessary to know God.  What matters perhaps more than anything else is a courageous willingness to surrender and a burning desire for the Highest Truth and Good of All.

A saint knows God equally in Harlem and Heaven. For you and i though, we might not be there.  So it can help to be in a conscious community of people striving to know God, like a monastery or ashram.  If you consider moving to such a place a worthy investment in your spiritual growth, do it!  Ultimately knowing God means attachments to nothing, even a spiritual community.   So you can certainly know God where you are now, however for the time being, it may be helpful to immerse yourself more fully in a spiritually conscious vibration.

Remember – free advice is often worth what it costs.  So, maybe all these words are just ehhh.  Alas, one more tidbit of free advice 😉

To purify the thoughts and consciousness, upgrading from television/radio and advertisements to the preference of classical music / chanting might totally help facilitate the realization of Peace, Love, and God Consciousness.  (As would reading holy scriptures instead of GQ or Cosmopolitan)  Music is particularly powerful, and such music as that by Robert Gass, Bach, Mozart, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, all of it is so nourishing for the body, mind, and Soul.

On that note…



Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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