The More You Surrender Creature Comforts, the More Freedom and Joy You Realize

How often do we focus more on our next meal more than anything else?  Or we feel better about the notion of going to sleep in our comfy, cozy bed?  Or our number one joy is just returning to our nest after a long day’s work?

Nothing wrong with any of the above.  But what if you gave up all of those luxuries?  Then, what would be your primary sources of joy?

As beings with human bodies, it is easy to concern ourselves more with caring for the physical body than anything else.  But instead if we prioritize the flourishing of our Soul and Spirit then we really begin to remember how good life really is, all the time 🙂  Creation is Awesome!

Practically speaking, let’s say you’ve decided to make God #1 in your life.  God is your top priority!  Or, keeping your Peace is #1.  Either way, it’s just like choosing Love 🙂  So, God / Love / Peace is your top priority.  If God is #1, that basically means there is no #2.  God is one without a second!  So, what does a life look like as God as the #1 priority?

It looks like a life free from all attachments and all aversions.  But that doesn’t mean much either…

It means a life free from wanting anything and a life free from resisting anything…

It means a life where one needs nothing and wants nothing, because one realizes that one already has everything – God.

So what’s that mean for how the physical body lives?

It means one gives up concerning oneself about physical / bodily details like food, shelter, comfort, etc.

Imagine how much freedom could open up in your experience of life if you stopped caring at all about what food the body ate and where the body slept.

Imagine being totally content and even blissful at the prospect of simply eating scraps, leftovers, or whatever is offered at a soup kitchen, once everyone else has been served.  You might call this humility, and truly it is an intensely liberating way of living.

Similarly, imagine that you’re totally content just to allow the body to rest on a flat surface, and it doesn’t even have to be at night.  You give up caring about when the body sleeps or if it sleeps.  Instead, you just prioritize realizing and being with God each moment, completely at Peace and abiding in Love, with Love.  Always Love.

Concerns about the body drop away.  And then how freedom we really have to live truly and walk in the light of the Lord 🙂

Hence, Gandhi loved to reference a line from the Upanishads, “Tena tyaktena bhunjitah,” which can translate to mean, “Renounce and Enjoy!”  Give up everything and truly enjoy.

Give up creature comforts and enjoy the Love of the Lord 🙂

Of course, you can also enjoy the creature comforts as a divine gift from God.  Just remember!  Place every experience in the context of God, and surely you’ll experience harmony with Infinite Love and Peace.

When we remember God, The Goodness of God and the Love and the Peace that is God, worldly desires fall away, and we remember the Perfection of Creation, and the Perfection of this moment, which is eternal!

So, as soon as we stop going after things, we realize and remember how good we’ve always had it.  As soon as we stop seeking, we remember we are that which we seek!  That is why Huang Po councils students to not seek become a Buddha.  How can you seek that which you already are?  The only thing ever to do is…Surrender!!! Give up everything and all the illusion and separation fades away and we rediscover the True Nature.

Align with Love.  Align with Peace.  Align with God and Goodness.  Purify all intentions.  Dedicate it all to the Lord and to the Highest Good of All.  Dedicate Life to Truth and Love.  Devote everything to the Lord 🙂  Surrender personal will at great depth to God!  Even just embracing any of these contexts for 1 second of one day will likely return an abundant harvest.

Give up. Give up. Give up.  This is the lifetime we have been given for Enlightenment and remembrance of our True Nature, which is already absolutely free and liberated.  Remember. Remember. Remember.  There is only One of us here.  There is only One Being.  All is One!

Hence the Gita, “They live in wisdom who see the Self in all and all in Them, whose love for the Lord of Love has consumed every sense craving and selfish desire tormenting the soul.”

Sense cravings…how trivial!  Chocolate, cake, candy, fruits, none of it compares to the goodness of God.  In God we realize long-term gratification, not just the short-term pleasure that comes from satisfying sense cravings.  God offers eternal happiness, Infinite Love and Peace.

“The best do not compete.” – Lao Tzu

Accept whatever comes.  Don’t go competing or seeking or striving.  If it comes, let it come.  If it goes, let it go.  Who is the one doing the seeking, anyway?  You are that which you are seeking!  The Highest is our True Nature.  There is nothing to attain.  If there is anything to do at all, it is simply a matter of giving up.  Give up the illusions.  Give up the thoughts.  Give up the attachments to emotions, resentments, judgments, memories, expectations.  Give it all up.  The Eternal Moment is Divine.  All is provided.  Want nothing, need nothing – be like God.  Desirelessness is Perfect Bliss.

At the very least – witness the thoughts.  Just watch them come and go.  Notice how fleeting they are.  Thoughts are like dust in the wind.  Thoughts are not who or what we are.  On one level, we are the witness of the cosmic show.  Enjoy the show.  Dissociate from the body by projecting awareness in a corner of a room, and watch the show from that perspective.  Just enjoy the cosmic drama play itself out.  Watch the scene from a distance and realize you are so much more than the physical body/mind.  Rather you are One with the One Mind, the Dreamer, the Universal Intelligence, and more!

Words, words, words.  Ha!  Words can only point the way.

Ultimately, Truth is in direct experience.

“Put no one’s head above your own,” says the Buddha.

The proof is in the pudding!  Experience for yourself.  Love.  Absolute Freedom. God. Peace. Infinite Goodness. Unity. Oneness.  Complete Surrender.  Buddha Nature.  Christ Consciousness. Enlightenment. The Supreme!

You are worthy of it all.  In fact, you might Be it All!

Holy Moment, Wonderful Moment.

Breathing is Divine.  Witnessing the breath is Divine.  It’s all Divine!

Approve of all.  Lovingly Accept All.  Discriminate never.  Behold all equally, with the Infinite Love of the Lord.

“Every one of them is Jesus in disguise,” so told Mother Teresa to herself when serving the people of Calcutta.

It’s all holy.  What a waste of effort and energy to judge anything negatively.  If anything, judge it all to be the very Best, to be a Divine Gift, to be God’s Will and Perfect.  Judge it all to be your Perfect Teacher and catalyst for Higher Consciousness, Awareness, Spiritual Growth and Evolution.

Realize the Perfection of this Eternal Moment.

Enjoy fully.

Your truest and deepest desires are fulfilled in this instant, Always and Forever.

The Peace is with you, the Love is with you.  The Peace and Love are your True Nature.

There is nothing to seek.  You are that which you seek!  All is Within and is the Truth of your Being.

Dream.  Dream.  Dream.

Hallelujah 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Take refuge in the Name! Whatever Name you prefer, you choose.  The Name is the Name is the Name.  All glory is to Thee, O Lord God 🙂


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