4 Ways to Change your Life

Ask,  What do I want to do more?  What do I want to do less of?  What do I want to start doing?  What do I want to stop doing?

As for ‘me,’ i think it’d be really great if this mind/body did more…

–> Laughing

–> Conscious, mindful breathing

–> Slow, mindful, eating

–> Walking, just to walk

–> Being in the sunlight

–>  Creative expression via organized writing…maybe even putting forth efforts to compile a book

–> Spent more time connecting with family and friends and teachers

–> studied more spiritual scriptures and texts

–> prayer and meditation!

–> journaling and reflecting on the day, asking “what can i learn from this day?  how can i perform better tomorrow?”

–> listen to more classical music.

–> witness the mind and the thoughts.  identify with the witness!

That seems like enough to work on for now 🙂

It’d also be really fun to memorize the Sermon on the Mount.  i read somewhere that it calibrates at 955!  Wahhh!!!

Either way…

Gloria in Excelsis Deo 🙂

Love, Love, Love.


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