Where is the best place to go for Enlightenment?

The swami’s reply, “Within.”

We are that which we are seeking!

Nothing physical has to change for us to discover the ultimate truth and Highest Reality.  It is after all, Reality, which means it is right before us, always and forever! Reality is Reality is Here is Now is Always is Forever Reality!

Meanwhile, this body has recently come under employment by the wonderful land of Satchidananda Ashram / Yogaville, and the mind has been conjuring up all kinds of ideas as to what the heck to do with money.  This mind/body has operated on next to no financial means for the last few years, so actually earning money will be an interesting shift.

One of the primary ideas that stirred in the mind about what to do with money is to use it to visit family and friends.  However, what’s been clicking is that any travel that’s done is not done to attain something or get something.  There is nothing to attain!

So the travel we do is not for ourselves, but it is for Love, in Love, by Love.  Love, Love, Love.  One time i asked a swami about travelling to visit nuclear family, feeling somewhat guilty or confused about leaving the larger ashram family for the more close-knit circle of nuclear family and relatives.  The swami replied something like, “You can go anywhere.  What I do, is, wherever I go, I go to serve.”

Wherever you go, as long as you go in a spirit of Love and Service, it’s all good.  The error and illusion arises when we think going one place or another will lead us along the path to Enlightenment.  And actually, changing environments is a powerful way to shift consciousness and elevate our thinking habits, especially if you seek holy company and/or a spiritual community.  Alas, the point remains – wherever you go, you’re bring your mind with you.  That is why going within is the ultimate answer for where we must all go at one point another to reconnect, rediscover, and remember that Infinite Peace and Love that abides forever as our True Nature.

All the Goodness we truly seek is Within 🙂

And for that, Hallelujah!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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