How to Get What You Want

Step 1: Know what you want!

Step 2:  Write it down.  Look at what you wrote often.  At least when you wake up in the morning and before you go to sleep.  Also consider looking at it before and after mealtimes and before and after any time you meditate.

Step 3:  Feel free to update and change the list of your wants/desires as often as you’d like.  Just be sure to look at it often and carry the list on you!  This action communicates that you are serious in your intention to fulfill these desires of yours.  It is a small and simple yet incredibly powerful action – to carry a list of your major desires and look at it often.

Step 4:  Continue, day by day, to carry the list, update it, and look at it often.  Sure enough ,persistence and patience reap abundant returns.  The list helps you to sow the thoughts that reap what you seek.

Another acronym I’ve heard:


K: Know what you want.

F: Find out what you’re getting.

C:  Change what you’re doing until you get what you want.

As The Sermon on the Mount says,

Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the door shall be open.

“It’s as marvelous and as simple as that.”

Who knew life could be so easy?

Yet it requires great courage to look within to discern our true wants and desires.  And as we refer to the list more and more continuously, it might facilitate massive changes in our lifestyle.  Whenever these potential changes emerges, we must call upon even greater courage and willingness to make these changes, for our own greater good and the greater good of all!

What do you want so badly that you’re willing to remind yourself of it 12 times throughout the day?  What do you want to badly that you’re willing to remind yourself of it every hour?  Every 30 minutes?  Every 15 minutes?  When we dig deep within, we will discover those great, burning desires that are more than worthy of arising to the forefront of our consciousness not just every 15 minutes, but even every second – and that’s when we live the fully integrated life, in which is realized Eternal, Perfect, Infinite, Supreme Peace and Love.

Other hot tips for manifesting your desires…

“Understand what you really want and begin to communicate.” Communicate, most significantly, to God and to your Heart of Hearts.  You don’t have to go tell everyone in the world and all your social networks about your desires, but it is helpful to be at total peace with your list of wants and desires.  That way, if someone were to get a hold of your list, you would retain your peace, and perhaps even be happy that another person is looking at your list.

With whatever desires, it’s important that we are at peace with it.  We don’t want to feel ashamed or guilty ore fearful or angry about trying to manifest whatever we desire.  Desire with purity, with an energy of Love and Peace and Joy and Gratitude.  Desire that which is good for all!  Desiring what is good and beneficial to all, even desiring what is best for all, allows you to be at total peace with your desires and with your striving to manifest.  Pure desires facilitate fully integrating your life so that every waking moment of your life is aligned with manifesting your desires which are for the good of all 🙂  A simple way of summarizing this paragraph…Purify, Purify, Purify!

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  Hallelujah!

With whatever you desire, be at total ease with the notion of sharing your desires with people who may be able to help you along the way, yet you don’t have to go proclaiming them on the top of the mountain. Sometimes talking lots about our desires can actually take away energy from them…as if all the talk energy we put into them satisfies our desire to actually experience them more fully.  Kind of like writing this blog post…so maybe it is time to stop and just meditate 🙂

One last thing – perhaps! – with whatever you desire, express gratitude for having already realized it fully.  Be grateful for already having received it!  Moreover, do your best to already experience the fullness of having realized the desire.  Generate that ‘winning feeling’ internally, using the imagination if necessary.  Really feel what it’s like to realize the fulfillment of these great, pure, desires of yours.  This is a great way to meditate.  After all, we are vibrational beings, and these bodies might just act like magnets – so when we realize the feeling internally, we are sending out /communicating that feeling externally, thereby attracting to us like energies that can help us realize the fulfillment of the desire on more than just the plane of our imagination.  So…feel it in the heart!  And surely, be grateful for it!  “Give thanks in all circumstances!”

Gloria in Excelsis Deo 🙂



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