The Miracle of a Seed

Plant a seed…one tiny little speck of dust practically…just plant a seed and wait.  Water the seed, care for it, give it attention and love, and watch what happens.  Slowly but surely, with daily maintenance, the seed sprouts and begins to grow.  Day by day, bit by bit, the seed continues to reveal its hidden potential and grows onward and upward.  Given enough time and energy, a tiny little seed can yield something as massive and grand as an oak tree.  Who could ever believe such a tiny little seed, once sown and tended to, could return such a grand splendor of Creation?


In the human realm, seeds are thoughts.  Every thought we think is a seed we plant in the fertile soil of our subconscious mind, or you could say we are planting seeds in the collective, universal consciousness.  Either way, every thought counts.  They all add up!

Once we think one thought, the seed of that thought is planted.  Returning to that thought is watering the seed and encouraging its growth, flourishing, and actualization of its potential.

One of the great human tasks is to consciously choose our thoughts, thereby choosing the seeds that we are planting and nourishing and realizing the experience of life we desire.  If we simply let the thoughts go hither and thither without any conscious effort to guide the thoughts towards that which we desire, our experience will be just as dispersed.  The more we focus all the thought energy we can muster, the more focused our lives become.  The more we consciously choose thoughts of what we desire, the more we are honing the laser beam on a single point, giving all of our conscious attention to that point, and the more fully that focus will reveal itself more abundantly in all dimensions of our life.

Simple stated…know what you want and think about it constantly!

Constantly sow the seed of a single affirmation, such as “I am abiding in Peace,” and repeat it over and over again.  Sure enough, Peace will become one of your dominant experiences in Reality.  Not so bad, eh? 😉


Just one tiny little seed…can grow so big.  Focus on what you want!

What do you want to grow in your life?  Plant the seed and water it often!

Hallelujah 🙂


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