Open to God

Sip water.  Eat just enough food so to feel good and not hungry.

This way, your consciousness can more easily stay centered on what actually matters: God, Love, Peace, Truth, Joy, Goodness, Purity, Holiness.

If you drink too much, you are binding the body to the recurrent need to go to the bathroom.

If you feed the body too much or too little, the mind will either be so focused on acquiring more food, or all the energy in the body will be totally centered in digesting food and making the feelings of ‘being stuffed’ go away.

In preparation to meet a spiritual master, would you drink a lot? would you eat a lot before?

No.  You would eat and drink minimally, just to feel comfortable and meanwhile light and clear and calm, ready to receive a great teacher.

Let us remain ever ready to receive the greater teachings 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

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