What ideas are best for humanity to remember always?

Creation is Divine!  Nothing really needs to be changed.  At the same time, things can change, but creation is always moving from completion to completion, from perfection to perfection.  All is God’s Will, which is perfect, whole, complete, and infinitely good 🙂

What we do with these human bodies and minds on a physical level doesn’t matter nearly as much as how we do whatever we do, and how we feel whenever we do what we do.  The feeling matters!  We serve wonderfully when we feel wonderful; we serve lovingly when we feel love and aware of Love.  The joy is in the journey, not the destination.  Peaceful ends are achieved by peaceful means.

Constantly dedicate and re-dedicate your life to the Highest Good of All, to the Highest Truth, to the Highest, Supreme, Reality.  Align your Life fully with the Truth and the Good and surely you’ll know God too 🙂  Goodness leads to God.  Trust your conscience and the Voice Within.  Establish your Peace and act from there.  Connect with the Highest in You, and then let go and Let Love.  Allow, allow, allow.  Resist nothing!  “Resistance is futile.”

This moment is the most significant moment in your life.  Cherish it!  Cherish all this moment offers.  Love everyone and everything present in this moment fully and completely, without conditions!  This moment offers you everything that is perfect for you.  In this moment, you can know the Supreme Truth of Reality, you can know Pure, Perfect Love in this moment, Absolute Joy, and in this moment you can know God 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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