What is the Ultimate Aspiration?

According to David R. Hawkins…

The ultimate aspiration is to know God!

Surely, when we know God, nothing else matters.

You might be thinking, “Well, perhaps i already know God.  What are some signs that i don’t know God?”

If you find yourself experiencing anger, fear, sorrow, or cravings/aversions, in those instances, you’re likely out of touch with knowledge of God.  However, if in these instances of experiencing some sort of negativity, you shift yourself to the witnessing state, that is you simply watch the negative experience/sensation without judging it, then you are once again moving closer to the Lord.

Meanwhile, what are some ways of aspiring to knowledge of God?

–>  Dedicate every action to God.  Whatever you do, simply say before you do it, “I dedicate this to Thee, O Lord God.”  You can also dedicate whatever you do to the Highest Good of All, which is a similar, powerful dedication.  This act of dedication generally helps to purify whatever activity we’re undertaking.  As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to dedicate acts of abuse, addiction, gambling, violence, etc., to God.  And, thank God for that 🙂

–>  Forgive everyone and everything.  Let go of all resentment against others and all sense of guilt against yourself.  Forgiving frees us from the past and opens us to the perfection of the Present, where God eternally abides 🙂

–>  Be kind to everyone and everything, without exception.

–>  Eat mild foods, in a moderate amount, at a moderate pace.  Nourish the body well.  Feed it healthy, whole foods, and of course – dedicate the food to the Lord and to the Highest Good of All 🙂  Enjoy food with a feeling of gratitude in the heart.  Understand the food as a Divine Gift and as nourishment for the mind/body so that it may continue to grow closer and closer to God and serve the Highest Good of All.

–>  Speak only that which is true, beneficial, and pleasant.  Before you speak, ask – is it true?  Is it beneficial?  Is it pleasant?  If it does meet these criteria – forget about it.  Less is more.

–>  Intend to know God and intend to see God in everyone and everything, and express gratitude for knowing and seeing God in All.  Persistently set this intention and feel the gratitude for realizing the fulfillment of the intention in the Eternal Present where the Omnipresent One abides.

–>  Stop.  In particular, stop trying to control and change others.  And, stop trying to save the world.  Instead, mind your own business.  The best way to serve the Highest Good of All is to know God and become enlightened.  Set a healthy, happy, holy, heavenly example.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Go to work on yourself!  Baby steps.  Patience, patience, patience.  Stop thinking you know what’s best for anyone or anything, instead embrace all as God’s Will, and learn to see the Good in All.  If you really feel something must change, turn the gaze within and change yourself.  When you change your internal attitude, the external world changes too.  As Shakespeare said, “Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so.

–>  Practice stillness and silence, listening and relaxation.  Give up multi-tasking.  When you eat, eat.  When you listen to music, listen to music.  Allow yourself opportunities to simply sit and breathe and be.  Maybe focus on someone who inspires you like Jesus or Buddha, or an uplifting word/feeling like Peace and Love.

–>  Desire.  To know God, desire God.  Desire God more than anything else, so that ultimately nothing binds you.  Be free from all desires except the desire to know God, and eventually you might just have to let that one go too 😉  Essentially, if God said, “You can know me if you stop drinking alcohol,” would you give it up? What if God said, “You can know me if you stop talking about other people and refrain from gossip,” would you do it?  What if God said, “You can know me if you eat only fruits, vegetables, and drink only milk and water for the next 40 days,” would you do it?  Not saying any of these measures are necessary to know God, but the point is we don’t want to be attached to anything.  We want to be free from all material desires, including those desires that taste good to the tongue or inflate our ego.

–>  As Joel O’Steen says at the end of his broadcasts, “Put God first in your life.”  That will do the trick!  Embrace the qualities of God as Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent.  God is everywhere, present, totally knowing of all, including every single thought.  So, embrace God in the Present 🙂 Give God a big smile!  And, since God is omniscient and therefore aware of all thoughts, you might as well practice thinking positively, more and more, until positive, pure, good thoughts reign supreme in your mind.  Really, just think of God – that’s a good thought to have 🙂

–>  Pray morning and evening.  Express gratitude for all the gifts each day, and express gratitude for growing in awareness of the Presence of God.  The ultimate way of realizing the classic affirmation, “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better,” is to grow in awareness of God, Infinite Goodness and Divine Perfection, every day in every way.

–>  Remember it’s all God’s Will. You can celebrate everything and anything.  There is Good and God in All.  Seek and ye shall find!  Let go of attachments to judgments and opinions and labeling – God is taking care of it all.  Leave any judgment to God.  Surely, God knows 🙂

–>  Choose Love and Peace, moment to moment, every moment, always and forever!  Choosing Love and choosing Peace is choosing God.  As David R. Hawkins writes, “God is love and peace and nothing else.”

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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