How to Get what you Want (Happiness)

What do you want?

Who has what you want?

What did they do and how did they live that facilitated them getting what they want or doing what they wanted to do or becoming what they wanted to become?

Notice, there is a hierarchy of success.  First it is about having – then it becomes about doing – and finally it is about becoming.  First we concern about having material possessions and are proud of our new car, then we grow in pride about our noble profession, but lastly we merely rejoice in being a loving citizen of the world and a virtuous being.

Either way, I’m not here to tell you what is appropriate to want or not what (unless you ask, then I’ll share my 2 cents about it ;-))

The point is, no matter what you want, chances are that there is someone who has realized whatever you are seeking.  And, the chances are they developed certain habits or disciplines that led to their success.  So, emulate success!

There is a general idea that the end of all our wanting is happiness.  We want money to have a car to attract a partner to have babies to send to school to retire…to…to be happy!  It is all about happiness.

So, really, if you’d like, you can skip the whole stage of material seeking and just focus on the goal of happiness, unconditional and unlimited!

Now, then, who is the very, very, extraordinarily happy person that you will learn from and emulate their model for success?

Some studies suggest that of all the professions, those in the profession of ‘monkhood’ are the happiest.  Monks are the happiest!  Is anyone surprised?

What characterizes a monks life?  For one, it is fully integrated, meaning their profession is not separated from their nighttime activity.  They have one, single, primary, goal in life, and that goal comes first all of the time, no matter what (ideally).  Sometimes they get caught in the ego and traps of the world, but they do the best they can to stay aligned and focused on their Supreme Goal.  Their motivation is incredibly pure – they live to serve – and are not seeking worldly fame and gain.  And, they’ve grown accustomed to simple food, simple living quarters, simply company, simple conversation, and steeped in simplicity they likely abide in a space of bountiful gratitude.  If you only have rice and beans 6 days a week, it is a lot easier to be grateful for a ripe mango on the 7th day.

This is not to recommend we all become monks, but we certainly we can learn from them.  To live a fully integrated life is key.  Whatever we truly value, let’s find a way to sincerely integrate that value to our every waking moment.  Let us not compromise our values for expediency or selfish gain.

Learn from the people who have what you want.  Model their pattern for success.

Let us be sincere 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!





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